Monday, February 28, 2011

Faith and trust two most important pillars of progress

It was a pleasure for me to interact and communicate with large number of parents who came to our school in connection to admission of their child/ward. As it has been in my nature to learn more about the expectations and needs of the children and their parents from a school and hence  I always take advantage of such an opportunity when it comes my way.
We discussed on number of issues and as expected I did not have answer of many issues raised by parents but one thing was clear that if we parents and teachers sit together there are bright chances of taking care of many problems, our children are facing today.One of the important issued discussed was how to preserve our basic values in this in age of information available to all from different sources. The second important issue raised was the trust deficit between schools and community which unfortunately is  increasing day by day.If it continues this way then it is gong to be disturbing for everyone of us, particularly our children.
Now the question arises how to rebuilt this lost trust and faith in each other?
There seems to be no single solution for that. The schools and parents cannot be seen in isolation because they are also the part of system and the community. If we look around, what we find  that there is suspicious kind of atmosphere and people first doubt somebody and if proved otherwise then they believe.We are rapidly loosing faith in the system and each other even in close relationships.It is unfortunate that we have started loosing faith in the whole system of governance.
All relations are important but Guru Shishya relationship is one of the most important.It is the responsibility of teachers and parents that this relationship is built on trust and faith so that our children are able to exploit their potential for the benefit of family, society and the country.To build this trust parents and teachers must interact with each other and reach to a conscientious decision ,what is the best for the individual child . Communication will take care of most of the problems.We must respect each other and also the views expressed by others . We may not necessarily agree on all issues but common approach can be adopted.
I am quite optimistic and hopeful that this relationship will grow stronger and we shall see things in right perspective.
With a hope for better future of our kids.
Your own -always a learner who is grateful to you all for making him what he is today.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tender mind of a child

A few months back three- four students came to my office and asked me to guide them to do a project on corruption in India,Initially I was wondering that why children of age 13-14 years were taking this project and was it the right age for the them to get exposed to such a topic.Anyway we discussed and they modified the topic and did the project in which corruption was one the issues faced by our country in addition to many other important issues. I am not very sure whether I was right in convincing them to change the topic of their project. But recent media reports have proved that they are really exposed to certain evils in the society which affect them at a very early age.When they should be surrounded by positive happenings around them they read and watch one or the other episode of corruption(and other wrong happenings shown repeatedly) which affects their mind negatively.These  issues are discussed on news channels almost twenty four hours. I do not know what they will learn from it because  visuals do make deep impact on tender mind which impacts their thinking process and makes them feel as everyone and everything is bad and wrong in the country.
We as parents and teachers are responsible for providing them positive environment but other factors can not be ignored.I do not know when will it be possible in our country that good and positive things will also get prominent mention and let our our children and citizens be aware that this country is proud of the people doing so much good for their country and that is why it is heading to become super power which is accepted by other countries also. Let us all try to inform our children that this is great country and has potential to do better for the welfare of the world.
This will surely help imbibe positive thoughts which will allow them to grow and become proud citizen of India.
Jai Hind