Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven billion mark

The world population has reached the mark of seven billion. There is confusion all over the world who is the seven billionth child, Nargis from India or somebody from Russia or Philippines? Many people are trying to understand the reason behind so much of the talk for the seven million mark. We did not know much when the population reached four billion or five billion mark. So much hype for the last few days makes us to understand whether it is an achievement or sign of future problems?  The china is still number one in terms of the population in the world and we are very closely following that country which has taken some concrete steps to reduce the rate of population growth. Our government also talks sometimes about the need of the population control but the efforts made in that direction do not convey the same. Though the rate of population growth has gone down but this has not been so because of the efforts of the government but many other reasons known to most of us. If we see the number in our country this should be around 1.25 billion which comes out to be approximately eighteen percent of the world population. Out of this number approximately thirty five percent are in that age group who might be responsible for adding to the number of more people of the country. The rate of population increase might have gone down but absolute number of the people adding to the already existing number is increasing. We are likely to become number one by the year 2025. We do not know whether it is something we should be proud of or try to do something so that the population growth is controlled so that the economic growth does not crumble under the number of the people to be fed or provided things of daily need. Many people see well in the human resource available to the country but we should not forget that we need other resources also for keeping the human resource worth doing that. The natural resources are limited and the human resource increasing will disturb the equilibrium and consequent to that all will suffer. So if we have to balance then we should control the population growth. Our country has progressed very well in the past sixty years and the life of the people has become better than before. We know that many people in the list of the richest people in the world. This all could be possible due to the efforts of politicians, scientists, farmers, industrialists, soldiers, teachers, technocrats, all the people working in different area like fields, factories and in other countries also. Everyone has contributed in the growth and the progress of the country. The road network and other facilities which have been taken even to the remotest places are worth appreciating and to be acknowledged by all of us. The world community is seen our country as potential world power of the future in terms of its economic growth. But then why are we not able to make everyone in the country happy and provide him/ the things required as the basic needs namely food, clothing and the housing facilities. There are large numbers of the citizens of the country who find it difficult to send their children to the school because the child is required to go to work so that some amount can be earned for the family. There is still large number of children working as the child labour in the factories or domestic help because they need to do the same for helping their parents to earn two ends meals. The government is taking some corrective measures by providing them free education along with midday meals but hat has not attracted many children to come to the schools. The corruption, as reported in the media. has become serious problem and such schemes may not be helping the ones for whom launched but other people do get benefited by that and sue this reason only correct picture is not brought to the notice of the state or the central government. Some people argue that citizens should be made capable of proving to an asset to the nation and not the liability. If we provide them everything without hard work then that may not do much good. This may be a short term remedy but in long term it will be to be a disaster.
This can be realized if the number of the people to be fed is more hence there is going to be a problem in handling them because the natural resources are limited. We are not able to provide education to all because not adequate number of schools and other educational institutes are available. If we need one hundred schools today and the government is able to create fifty only then by the time they think of more number of schools the requirement will grow further because of the increase in the population. We are seeing that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing day by day and if it is not controlled it will take us to a dangerous situation. The government will have to fight on two fronts, one to slow the population growth and second reduce the gap between rich and the poor. The other thing which should be kept in mind is that never try to make poor as rich at the cost of the rich. This will be as we are trying to make two lines equal by reducing the length of the longer line. Better idea would be if we can help the smaller line to become equal to the bigger line without really disturbing the bigger line. If done otherwise that will cause friction in the society and we all understand that will not be good for the country because if the country has to grow then the contribution from everyone is required. We should try to make all the citizens worth contributing to the development of the nation and then enjoy the fruits of this development. The government must realize that providing facility without hard work does not do well to any. All the citizens of the country must get education and opportunity to work so that they not only get to eat and live but also contribute in the growth of the nation.
Let seven billion mark be taken as the warning signal by us and do something which will to control the population growth so that we are able to after the welfare of the people of the country. We should concentrate towards proper utilization of the natural resources so that the future generation can live in peace and do not fight with each other over little things left for them.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How many holidays?

         The educational institutions and other departments will be opening from today after about a week`s holidays on account of an important festival Diwali. One of the newspapers two column report is about this only. It shows that opening of the schools is good but there are some people who have already started speaking about the holidays which will be falling next week. It is good to be off from the routine work from some time but that should not become a routine in itself.  The problem faced by the schools is that it breaks the continuity of the teaching learning process. It has been suggested by many organizations that the number of holidays should be reduced and the schools should be given freedom of deciding the schedule of their holidays. If we take in account the duration of the schools even on normal days it is not more than five to six hours. More than half day is otherwise also off and as most of the festivals are celebrated in the evening so that can be done in the second half of the day . When it comes to celebrating the birth day of a saint or the leader that can be better done in the schools than at home. Somebody rightly said that in the name of the holiday to remember the great people parent enjoy that because during holidays they are not made to wake early in the morning for the sake of sending their children to the school. Many parents are of the opinion that so many holidays do not help the children at all but they remain quite in front of a very few who would object to the opening of the schools on very silly excuses. The government cites examples from other countries for so many things done by them but does not make the citizens realize that habit of working hard and regularly is key to the success in the life of the individual. When this topic was discussed with the students they were also of the opinion of having less number of holidays. They even asked why schools should not be left free to decide about the holidays. The RTE act makes it mandatory to ensure minimum number of working days during the year. If the time allotted to different topics by NCERT or CBSE or any other state board it is found that the minimum number of days required for completing the syllabus are more than two hundred. This does not include the days spent on conducting examination and the test etc. So if proper teaching learning and evaluation is to be carried out than the schools should have at least two hundred forty working days. This I am saying because during the year the school teachers remain on leave approximately for eight to ten days. Though most of the schools arrange for the substitute teacher but all know it well the real teaching learning suffers in such cases. New trend has been started under the pressure of some organizations to extend the summer holidays because extreme heat or winter breaks because of severe cold. It is very fair not to expose the children to such extreme conditions but then other holidays should be reduced to make up for the loss of the number of days due to extreme weather conditions. The other important thing is that the continuity of teaching learning is very important. The children tend to forget what they had leaned a week before because during the festival season they are not interested in getting close to the books. This time Rajasthan government asked all the teachers to give some holiday homework to the children during Diwali break. I do not how effective this directive has been and what would have motivated the children to complete the work given, if it was really given.  It would have been good if the children were allowed to come to school and learn more about the festival. Some people might not agree with my thoughts but they also understand that the children are not benefited by so many off during the year. The other problem faced is that in addition to the declared holidays many children remain on leave because of many other functions which are held in the family like during the marriage or house warming ceremony or many more such occasions. If we see the average number of days in case of many children it comes out to be one hundred seventy to one handed eighty days. Though the educational boards and the schools have made minimum number of days as mandatory but that is not followed strictly by most of them. This may be because of the future of the child to save a year. In many cases it might due to some genuine reason due to illness of thee child but in other cases that may not be the case. So all these factors must be taken into account and then decide about the holidays. The schedule of the winter and summer holidays should be decided in such a manner that there would be no need to extend the winter or summer break under extreme conditions. For example the winter break can be rescheduled to the first or second week of January instead of having it in the last week of December. Similarly the summer break can also be readjusted. The schools can also be given freedom of having less or more holidays as per the climatic conditions. The weather condition in the south reason is different than in the north or the east. The media can help a lot by not promoting the case of more holidays. The schools which want to teach the children should not be targeted and labeled as being against the interest of the children. The schools also care for their students and their teaching the children should not be considered otherwise. If the schools were not concerned about the future of the children then it was very easy to declare holidays more often than what they are doing. It is worth mentioning here that Sh. Azim Prem Ji has declared to open model quality schools in all the districts of the country. It is a welcome move and the man and his organization should be saluted for the initiative but all this would not yield desired result s if the model quality schools are also kept closed to almost half the number of days during the year. I hope my thoughts would be taken in the right spirit and not against anybody or any organization. Those who do not agree are free to do so but certain things which are very important for the future of the nation should not be compromised and all those who want to work more and and harder should not be discouraged. Let the people debate and decide.       

Friday, October 28, 2011

Desire and greed

The reports in the newspapers related to the suicides being committed by number of the people which appears to be on rise every year is serious cause of concern to all and something must be done so that this trend is slowed down if not completely stopped. When we see it in context of the school going children there also it seems to have gone up though the government has tries its level best by reducing the stress of the studies whether it is related to examination pattern or the teaching learning pattern. But this seems to have made little difference because the expectations of the people are going up day by day. There is competition everywhere and the parents start worrying about the future of their children right from their birth. We do not have figures related to the proportion of the people of different age groups who resort to extremes steps of taking their life. Whatever information is available does not make us feel happy because suicide cannot be justified for any age group. The stress and the tension is the part and parcel of life and in addition to reducing the same the people should also learn how to cope with that. There is no one who can say that he/she has not encountered stress ever in life. The real cause as found by many psychologists and psychiatrists is our running behind the materialistic gains. Everybody is trying to earn more than others or achieve better position than anybody else. It is good to try to be at the top but this may not be possible for all. That is why this is very important to learn  how to face the failures. The people should feel happy what they have in spite of feeling bad for something they could not get. We should try to understand the difference between greed and the desire. That will help us to be happier and let others also feel good. The desire can be controlled but greed is like fission reaction which keeps multiplying exponentially. Also we should remember that all cannot be at the same level of achievement because God has also not made all exactly the same. Somebody`s gain should not be considered as your loss. If thought and done that way many of the problems will be solved. Increase in the suicidal tendencies is not the only cause of worry but the increase in the number of diseases is also serious danger for the people. The reports show that the certain ailments which used to affect the people at the age of fifty or sixty have stated affecting them at the age of thirty. Take the cases related to heart disease or diabetic this is found ruining the life of our youth as early as twenty five. The people may other reasons also of not wanting to live more but as mentioned before also no cause or reason can be a justification for ending the life and this has to be learnt by everyone. If we cannot do that then no progress is worth being happy. The development and the growth which makes larger number of the people feel left out or worthless cannot be considered of any worth. Our children learn what they see around them and if the number of people around them are stressed then they are going to be affected accordingly. The children have already been deprived of their childhood due to so many factors known to all and now they are exposed to so many negatives around.  Everybody is aware of the problem but they find themselves inadequate to handle it. I have come across many cases where the parents admit that they at times pass on their stress to their children but unable to control that. They are not happy doing so but the work pressure is so much that force them to act that way. The nuclear family system does not give the people opportunity to share their problems with the relative and near and dear ones because all live away from each other. This all has happened in the name of development and the progress. Somebody rightly said that in the name of going ahead we have gone away from our own people. This again seems to be following Hubble’s law which is in context of the galaxies getting away from each other. The speed of separation is considered to be directly proportional to the distance between them and exactly the same is happening with the human beings also. Not only this the human race is getting away from the nature also rather destroying the nature for the sake of becoming happy though the fact is that the same is proving suicidal. The race for material gains will not let the people live happily and the same can be seen when we visit the history of the world. Nobody has been happy by gaining materialistic things only rather those who gained the same realized later on that it was the foolishness on their to have been running to get all that and they renounced all that for the sake of peace and happiness. I do not mean to undermine the will or the desire of the people to progress but this desire should not get changed into greed.    The disturbing trend of the suicides should be addressed immediately by taking concrete steps.
The lesson taught by Lord Krishna will always be guiding light for all where He says that believe in the Karma and leave rest to the Almighty.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Positive change on Diwali

Diwali was celebrated all over the country with a lot of enthusiasm and fortunately no serious untoward incident took place as was made by the government of few so called developed countries. The people wished each other good luck on the auspicious occasion and prayed to the Almighty peace and prosperity to all on this beautiful planet earth. One important thing noticed by everyone this year was less use of the crackers. It was heartening to see that the children and adults alike expressed concern towards the ill effects of the crackers. Some people say that it was because of the high cost of the fire crackers which kept the people away from them but this does not seem to be the only reason. The awareness which was growing among the people has brought us to this happy situation. The government, schools and NGOs have been working towards this noble cause of educating the people for not burning the fire crackers. It has been reported that the pollution level after Diwali night has been almost fifty percent what it was last year. All concerned particularly the children deserve all appreciation for this and it gives us hope that the day is not far when the use of the crackers will reduce to almost zero level. It does not save the environment only but brings out the children who are used to make the fire crackers. To many of us this way seems to be the most appropriate of celebrating Diwali which lights the life of the unfortunate brothers and sisters of ours. It was not only in metros but in smaller cities also. The people spent more money on the items of the necessity than of the show off whether these are the vehicles, gold, silver or any other item and if we go back thirty forty years the same used to happen then also. It means we are in the process of understanding the ill effects of the wrong path taken by us which caused problems to all. The success of anti cracker movement has given hope that the society is receptive to the advice which improves the life of all in general. If the government acts sincerely then the people will respond accordingly. I salute the efforts of all concerned to have made the beginning of the change for the good.
Another issue which comes to mind is the pollution of the mind of the people which might cause more damage to the society than the environment or the sound pollution of the crackers. The government and the responsible citizens should fight against those sources also which are trying to pollute the mind of the people. There are many factors responsible for that but the media can play very important role in that as has been done for the campaign against the use of the crackers. The media, particularly the television channels, should not stretch the freedom of expression beyond the elastic limit. Though there are self regulatory norms but some people do not take them seriously and misuse the freedom given buy our constitution and the government. There are many serials and the programmes  telecast on some TV channels which do not give any positive input to the people rather make them to believe that good people are not in the winning race. You might have got a fare idea about the serial I am referring to. Though fortunately the same serial is being telecast at 10.30 PM but that also does not permit anyone to promote negative feelings and negative people. This serial is in the running of its fifth year and was not in any way appreciated by majority of the people before also but there seems to be a lot of money involved so it continues. Last time when one of the contestants was voted out (nobody knows who voted her out) one person asked the other one the reason of her being out from the contest whereas the other one who have been fighting and shouting in the house continues? The answer for the same was difficult but it made many people to think why was it so. Are there some genuine people voting to save someone not sending good message at all or this is the way of attracting the people to watch this serial for the sake of TRP and more revenue through advertisement?  The different episodes make us to believe that the ones who do not involve themselves in negatives will be voted out. If this is the result of real voting then the same is all the more dangerous. This serial should not be allowed to telecast the scenes which provoke fights and the abuses. The people who are using the words which are unparliamentry should be thrown out. The objective should not be only to earn money but everyone has responsibility towards the nation also. Two days back the kind of abuses which were being spoken so freely made us to hate the people who are trying to do almost the same damage to the society than the people selling adulterated food items which cause harm to the body. The government should not wait for the people to complain and then some action will be taken. We have full fledged Information and broadcasting ministry and the responsible people should give clear directions so that such things are stopped before they become a big nuisance. Though the timings of the serial are late but everybody knows that the children remain awake till midnight nowadays in most of the families. They have access to such serials either in the presence of the adults and most of the cases alone in their own room. Some people argue that those who do not like this they should not watch. This cannot be taken as argument because people do get carried away and are influenced by that. Something which is not good for the society should not be telecast. I agree that the media should not be gagged but then who will decide about good or bad? If everything done by everybody was good than we should not need police or the laws and the judiciary. There is no doubt that if you are exposed to something for long there will be serious effect of that on your body and the mind. The damage to the body can be controlled by the use of drugs but if the mind is polluted then it is difficult to cure that. The government, educational institutions and the NGOs should work together so that the menace of polluting the mind is reduced to the minimum as has been successfully done in case of fire crackers. We must remember that at the end the good thinking people only succeed and are happy. Happiness is good and good things do not come easily. At the same time if the inflow of the bad is controlled then the good would automatically come to the forefront.   

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lighting the lamp to remove the darkness of all kinds

It has been many days when I wrote something and this has been causing a lot of discomfort to me and it appeared as something was missed by me. Today morning when I share my thoughts there are mixed feelings in my mind. I am happy because of the festive season around and Diwali celebrations which is one of the most important occasions for all Indians. This festival has many meaning depending upon the location of the people and their thoughts. For some it may the occasion to get rid of the darkness and for others it may be an opportunity to worship Goddess Lakshmi. There may be many people who take the opportunity to enjoy the holidays available to them. But the most important lesson which can be learnt from this festival is to rededicate self for the happiness of others. As the candle burns itself for letting the path of others and facilitate them to move forward without any problem the human beings can also do the same. Dussehra is the festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil and Diwali is the occasion to eradicate the dark with the help of light. This has also been interpreted as removing the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. The redundant thoughts should be replaced by new energetic thinking. This is the occasion when we prepare ourselves for the changing whether ahead by cleaning our houses and the offices. Then why should we also not clean and purify our thought process so that we are able to live and let live happily and with healthy body. Thought there are many more stories related to the festival but all lead to one point that we should try to remove darkness of any kind with the help of the light. But the other side of the story is not very encouraging. The festivals in our country have become the source of earning more at the cost of the general public. The real objective behind these celebrations has been overshadowed by the shine of the market. The market has become so powerful that general public finds itself lost and incapable of celebrating and enjoying the festive mood. Everything has been related to money and the media has acted as the catalyst in this. The advertisement has become the trademark of the festivals and the people are driven by the schemes launched for the promotion of different products. The people in the market have blinded due to the greed of earning more at any cost. The reports in media have shaken the belief of the people when they find everything is adulterated be it the sweets, milk or the milk products. Some people have a doubt that these are the multinational companies causing this hype so that the people purchase more of their products like chocolates and dry fruits etc. We do not know what the truth is but this is really scary to all. But this is the byproduct of the open market and everybody is trying to become as rich as possible in the shortest time span and the market is exploiting this and having real Diwali.
The children look forward to such festivals but they are the ones who are also affected by that. The fire crackers are so dangerous for them that these can cause any accident which might prove to be fatal in some cases. They are told that the crackers are not good for the health and the environment but once again the desire of proving self better and greater than others brings in the competition and a lot of money is wasted in burning the fire crackers. This does not help anybody but the market only. For the people of the country two meals food is becoming difficult and we want to forget the same in the artificial shine of the market which is visible on the face of not more than twenty percent people of the country. The old and the sick people are badly affected by the pollution created by the fire crackers. The government spent a lot of money in finding the ways to reduce the pollution of any kind but remain silent on these occasions. I think the sale of the crackers should be completely banned so that nobody is tempted to cause any harm in the name of celebrations. Let this festival be celebrated in the right spirit and should not be the occasion of show off the wealth. The market is important but everything should not be driven by that. The people should not be greeted by the reserve bank of Indian with the statement that the inflation will go up and the interest rate on home loans etc will go further up.  The aam aadmi is finding it difficult to earn enough which is required to match with the inflation rate. The elected representatives should realize that there are not many people whose income has not become three hundred times as has happened in their case.  By mentioning all these things I am not reducing the importance of the festivals but the reality cannot be kept under the carpet for long. Let us learn some lesson from the problems being faced by the other countries which are said to be developed and the people are on the streets because they do not have enough jobs and the resources to survive. The intelligent people learn from the mistakes of the others and do not necessarily do the same what had not been proved good for others. Laxmi 
So Let us try to understand the real message behind the celebrations of Diwali and learn to make ourselves better human beings who can light the life of others who live in the darkness of poverty or ignorance and if we could do that  we shall do a great service to our children as well. In the end I pray the Almighty to help and bless all of us across the nation and the globe to live peacefully and happily. Let all people have Diwali all through the year.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quality of higher educational institutes

Indian institutes of technology and Indian institutes of management are the institutions which are known to every Indian and almost all the people of the world who are interested in the field of education. These institutes have been rated among the best in India for many year and we Indians are proud of them. Last few years have seen the increase in demand for educational schools and the government has not been unaware of the same. Due to this demand only a number of IITs and IIMs have been added to the list which has given opportunity to many thousands of the students to have fulfilled their wish of getting admission in such institutes. Human resource development ministry is working on the plan of increasing this number further. Over the decades we have witnessed an upsurge of so many coaching institutes which have made the life of the children seeking admission to IITs miserable. This was known to all concerned but not much could be done due to various reasons. Now the HRD minister has taken some revolutionary decisions to help children by changing the entrance procedure. Class XII which was almost ignored by the students will have to be taken seriously by the schools as well as the students. The issue which has been raised by Sh. Narayan Murthy is very important and many people used to discuss the same earlier also but not much attention was paid to that. Now when the minister has taken some corrective measure, better days ahead can be expected. Mr. Narayan must have found reasons for his comments on the quality of the students entering the IITs. And the  mechanical way of preparing themselves to answer certain questions. This is true all students are alike, but many of them need to improve on their original thinking and capacity to work on their own. This is also true that IITs are in the need of better students and also better faculty. With due regards to all teaching community in these institutes we must admit that there is an urgent need of more and better teachers who can take these institutes to higher level of studies. These institutes were known for their excellence and this was possible because of quality students and the teachers. The government will have to pay attention towards motivating quality teachers to join IITs and that will help the standards to improve. The issue is what should be done to achieve this goal of attracting good quality teachers? The government must devise some ways of grooming and preparing the teachers for this purpose. Till the last few years the country was struggling to get quality teachers in the schools but now the same situation is disturbing the higher educational institutions also. As per the report of a newspaper IIT Rajasthan is having shortage of the regular teachers and the figure is quite disturbing(out of fifty six regular posts of the teachers only thirty teachers are working on regular basis and the others are either on contract basis or guest faculties or teaching the students on invitational basis). This figure might not be exact but reflect almost the real position. If this is so in one IIT then we do not know what the condition of other IITs is? So in spite of arguing on what Mr. Narayam Murthy has said we should accept the reality and the government should seriously implement the decisions taken to improve the quality of the students and also the teachers. Now if this is the problem of the premiere institutes what about other educational setups. At the time of admission to the colleges during the month of May/June lot many issues are raised and discussed and everybody express the concern towards the problems faced by the children of not getting the admission in good colleges even if they scored more than ninety percent marks I their class XII board examinations. Last year one of the reputed colleges had declared first cutoff at hundred percent and lot many issues came up. Minister was not happy with the same but after four months nobody knows what steps are being taken to improve the situation. Nothing will help by criticizing these colleges because all students cannot be admitted by them and due to this reason some transparent way of selection (or rejection as some people very fondly say) is to be adopted. If this situation is to be improved then more such educational institutes will have to be created. It is not possible for anyone to add so many good colleges immediately but if we can improve the quality of the existing colleges that will also help most children in the country. The government should take initiative to understand the reason for the average performance of higher educational institutes and then take corrective measures. Whatever infrastructure is available that should be used the best and meanwhile more things can be added and also more institutes can be opened. The country needs thousands of colleges to cater to the need of the students coming out of the schools. Now as the RTE act being in place we expect better enrolment in the schools and that will further escalate the demand of more seats in the colleges. We have to work upon short term policy as well as long term plan as per the requirement expected after ten or twenty years. In short term plans the existing infrastructure should be improved and the environment in the higher educational institutions should be improved by enforcing code of conduct for teachers as well as the students. There are number institutions which do not have regular vice chancellors and are left to the acting heads. This does not make things better. Take the case of our own Jai Narayan Vyas University which caters to large number of students from whole western Rajasthan, has been under the charge of an acting Vice Chancellor after the unfortunate death Of Prof. Naveen Mathur. Nobody has bothered for the last four months about the state of affairs of the university which once was considered as one of the best educational institutes. Before this also the same situation came up when the then Vice Chancellor retired. The government must take these matters on priority basis so that the future of the county does not suffer. I do not know why the lecturers and professors should not raise their concern for such matters. Even the student leaders also keep quite. Their responsibility is not getting the seats increased or no fee increase but quality education should also be prime concern. They must voice for the betterment the teaching learning environment than anything else. Other things are important but the most important of them is the quality education. So all should introspect and try to do what best can be done so that our children need not to go to USA or Australian universities for higher education rather they get better education in India only. If done so then this country will always be a better place for all of us. We should take the views of people like Mr. Murthy in the right spirit and not as the criticism of the government or any other organization or the person.   

Friday, October 14, 2011

Good things are not learnt easily

One day we were discussing general things and during the conversation we started talking about the problems faced by the parents and the children. This was realized by everyone involved in the discussion that there are so many good things being done by most of the people including the children but these are not talked much in the public and more discussion takes place related to negative happening in the society. This is true that negative radiations in the environment do not do good to anybody. Then the question arises, why do people discuss more about negative things than the positives around them? Why have we become so much obsessed with negatives? Our great leaders were positive thinkers and that made them to achieve which at times was not expected at all. There are many examples which prove that those who think positive can do unexpected things and they make this world a better place to live for everyone. The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, the first prime minister of the country Pt. Nehru, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Dr. Zakir Hussain, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sarojani Naidu, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh,Rani Lakshmi Bai,Veer Shivaji, King Krishan Dev, Seth Ghanshyam Das Birla, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Radhakrishanan, Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Ch. Charan Singh, Ram Manohar Lohia, Baba Ambedkar and many more of their generation and time. If history is visited seriously then the names of the positive thinkers and the leaders will take hundreds of years to write their names only and if we want to write about each one of them this will take thousands of years. The list is quite long and if we think of the recent past and the present generation we have Atal Behari Vajpaai, Pranab Mukharjee,Man Mohan Singh,A K Antony,Sushma Swaraj, APJ Kalam, Nitish Kumar, and many more. Some of you might think that the list of the present time is quite short in comparison to the previous one. I also felt the same while writing and recalling the names which can be compared with the names of our forefathers. This has disturbed me also, but is the situation that critical? The number of the good people and the positive thinkers is not less but because we do not discuss much about them, hence the public memory has only the negatives in their mind. Why is it so and what are the reasons for the same? We can give so many reasons for that, but the main reason is that we are living in an independent India.As the time has changed so have our priorities. Earlier the people were more concerned about the well being of the whole community then it got restricted to the near relatives, then to the family members and now in most of the cases the individuals. Though we are filled with more factual information but are not good enough in the proper knowledge. We are more concerned about self than anybody else. Most people say that if the individuals are happy then the whole society will enjoy. This may be true but what I feel is that nobody can be happy in isolation. One needs people around to be happy and in that situation also the real happiness will be reached if all think positive. When we talked of these things in that meeting, my elder son casually mentioned one thing which made me to think and I found that to be generally true in all situations and all the times. He said that we learn negatives easily than the positive things. Anything which does not do good to us or is not good for the society is learnt very easily by all. On the other hand, good or positive things require a lot of inner strength and time to be done or learnt. This I found to be an absolute truth. Any good habit to be developed requires sincere efforts on the part of the individual and the group of  people whereas the wrong or negative is learnt without much of efforts. Take the case of performing a task by self takes time to learn whereas getting it done or delegating it to somebody is very easy. Blaming others for anything wrong happening is easy but owning the responsibility for that takes time to learn. It similar to the fact that there is no gathering of rose without being plucked by thorns.Take the case of the children, parents find it difficult to make their children drink milk but they learn drinking the soft drinks without any efforts. The children learn to eat junk food very easily but to make them eat healthy food is a difficult task for the parents and the teachers.  To learn to smoke seems to be very easy but getting rid of that requires long therapy sessions. What does it teach us? The teaching is that we learn negative things easily but this is not so in case when we want to learn good or positive things. Does it mean that good things are difficult? In a way yes, but this may not be true always and not for everything. We may take a very simple example of Hindi films in which the hero of the film fight against the bad people for about two hours and suffer a lot during this period but ultimately wins. One of the students had asked me once, what is the use of suffering for three fourth of your life and then being happy for one fourth .It was a very genuine questioned was asked by this child because he had been exposed to things so often and he was not taught to live a selfless life. This one person brings happiness on the faces of so many people and that happiness cannot be measured in terms of the length of the time. Then how do we know what is good and what is bad ? For this we should apply simple logic, that if something is learnt very easily without any efforts cannot be good and anything which requires sincere efforts will always be good. So it is very easy for everyone of us to know and analyze what is good and what is not. You do not necessarily need anyone to guide you or tell you about good or bad if you apply the simple logic mentioned above. There may be some exceptions but this will be true in most of the cases .Remember you will learn more about a road by travelling on it than consulting all the maps in the world  and also ensure that you take the right road in the right direction instead of just the right speed.       

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Denounce Violence

The topic on the subject tolerance has been discussed before but this remains important in all situations. We have been witness to the violence taking place in different parts of the country due to one or the other reasons. The state of Jammu and Kashmir was comparatively peaceful till the end of seventies and the trouble started in the beginning of that decade. The so called advocates of the humanity brought forward many reasons for the upsurge of the violence as violence was the natural consequence of the mishandling of the issue. There might be truth in that but that was taken by the people who indulged in the act of violence as they were given the certificate of being right in their approach. The result of that is that we have lost thousands of brave soldiers and innocent people in and outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Later on, the unfortunate innings of violence gulped one of the most prosperous states of our country, Punjab which could be brought to normalcy again after paying a heavy price in terms of human lives. We all are aware of the problems being faced in the name of rich and poor, developed and underdeveloped areas, majority and minority based on religion or the language and so many more. There are large number of people who try to justify such violent acts which may seem to be a profit quotient to them in a short run but, would prove to be dangerous for the nation. We should not forget that our existence is because of our great nation and not vice-versa. The recent incident in which Mr. Prashant Bhushan was manhandled by three youths in his office because they were agitated on the remarks made by Mr. Bhushan on Jammu and Kashmir on 26th Sep. 2001. Till this incident took place not many people knew about the statement given by him. The media also played a mature role by not highlighting something which was not good for the county. This act of violence of these people has made everyone know about his controversial statement. Though what Mr. Bhushan said are his views and no one can be stop him from sharing and speaking his/her mind because our constitution gives that freedom of speech to all citizens of the country. What happened on 13th Oct. outside a lower court where the case of these people was argued is further a bad precedent and the same should be condemned and controlled immediately. But at the same time, all citizens of the country should debate on the areas which are above my knowledge and are of a serious concern for the safety and security of our nation. In the name of freedom of speech should we forget our duty towards our nation? A few months back also similar statement had come from another person who considers himself as the champion of freedom of speech. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and accession of the same is final, so nobody should have a doubt about that. We can expect other countries to try to destabilize our country which is heading to become a powerful nation of the future and due to this the other countries may not be happy with us. But the same cannot be expected from the citizens of this country. We may raise the issues regarding the problems faced by the people but nobody should be allowed to voice anything which amounts to breaking this country into fragments. Any statement which goes against the interests of our nation should be condemned whether it is said by an Indian or citizen of any other country. So those who talk of the freedom of speech and other rights of the individuals should also understand and talk about their responsibilities and duties. Rights without duties do not make any sense and this should be clear to everyone. Anything spoken against the interests of the country should be considered as the insult to our freedom fighters and such people should be made to realize their mistakes.
The problem is that such controversial statements confuse our children and they do not know what is right and what is wrong. They also learn to say the things which make them popular very soon. If we take the case of United States of America then we realize that though the citizens there are free to express their views before they reach to a decision but once they reached a decision all will speak in one voice. Even the media will not air or telecast or print anything which goes against the interest of their country. This is true for European countries also. That marks the difference between our approach and the definition of democracy. They do not get carried away by emotional feelings of few people but do what safeguards the interest of their country and not necessarily the individuals.
My request to all individuals and groups is to control the emotions and concentrate more for the welfare of the country and that should be the most important priority in our mind. Our children learn more what they are exposed to by media and see what is happening in the society. The schools alone may not be able to inculcate patriotism in the children because they do ask questions when such things happen or are shown on TV as something great has been done or said. Education is not confined to schools only but most of that is learned outside school. So two important things come out here; one, we should learn and remind ourselves of our duties and responsibilities also and should not cry only of the rights and we should remember that our children learn a lot from what we do or the way we act. So let us try to consider that our duties are more important than the rights and this will make the life of everyone more comfortable. The children should not be made to feel as the people do not owe anything towards the nation but for self only. Acts of violence should be condemned but the society and the individuals should also be careful so that they do not give any chance to disgruntled people to act in a violent way. No act of violence should be justified for any reason.Violence and hatred are like acid that destroys the vessel that holds it. This is the country of Mahatma Gandhi who taught the world the lesson of nonviolence. Let is all understand the sanctity of his principles and follow them religiously in our lives.As the best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present.    

Monday, October 10, 2011

Difference in demeanour

When we were discussing about the criticism and appreciation some of our friends were not comfortable with the concept of the criticism but did not say so openly. Many of them were not really sure about the role played by appreciation and criticism. I advised them to write their views if they found it difficult to express in front of all. When they were at ease the original thoughts were expressed which gave a fair idea about what do they feel about appreciation or criticism and how are they affected by them. I am mentioning here two extreme responses. One teacher writes that criticism is absolutely negative and should never be used while the other says that criticism is much better than appreciation. The first says that criticism will kill the enthusiasm of the person and the other says that appreciation will not let a person grow. They both seem to be right in their approach and the thinking but the third response appears to be balanced where the teacher writes that appreciation is the medicine which anybody can prescribe and administer but criticism cannot be prescribed or administered by everybody and an expert is needed for that who knows the best about the medicine and the person who is to be given this. After talking to all, the conclusion drawn was that the balance of the two will always be helpful the everyone.
While discussing this, one more point came to my mind and that was,how do the teachers and the parents act while dealing with their children? We thought and discussed about it and realized that yes, we do this but not always. All of us who work at home or outside come across many situations which make us happy or sometimes unhappy as well. All of us are involved not only in physical and mental labour but also emotional labour as well. Emotional labour is when we control our emotions deliberately to confirm to the society or the organizational norms. For example, a mother who had worked very hard all through the day and managed the house so well for the evening party and all of a sudden her son spoils the whole scene. As there are some guests already at her home so she controls her emotions of anger and still smile. Take the case of the airhostess and the waitress in a restaurant. They may not be happy with the behavior of some of their customers but will have to smile and say all good words because these are the norms of the company and they have to abide by that. Take the case of a teacher who has been working very hard with a child and even then he is not able to do well. The parents have been witness to the efforts made by the teacher but when the child does not do well they blame the teacher which makes the teacher feel bad but she still smiles and says that let us work hard with the child. Though the reaction of the parents was not appropriate but she being a teacher is expected not to react in the similar manner. These are some example I have taken but if seen critically it will be found that we have to control our emotions a number of times during a day. We also see emotional labour when a nurse has to smile even while tackling a difficult patient. There can be many more examples and we all experience them everyday. Emotional labour requires self control and self regulation. We have to act in a manner just opposite to what the feelings are, at that time. Is this not a sort of acting and do not we act so many times in a day? Is this acting good or bad? Emotional labour can be divided into two parts- surface acting and deep acting. The following examples will make them clear to us. In 1976 a film named "Small Change" was released which was based on the resilient children of a provincial school in France. In the end of the film, a reporter asks a question to a veteran teacher who worked very hard with the children that she must have enjoyed working with the children. Her prompt reply was no. When she was further asked that her behavior all through was so nice and good towards all kids she says that it was her duty to teach them and she was paid for that but that does not mean she liked working with them. This is an example of surface acting. In the other film titled "Not One Less", a young girl of age around thirteen was given the responsibility to act as the substitute teacher in a school. The children were almost of her age and she found it very difficult to handle them and was frustrated initially. Slowly and gradually, she started acting in a manner as she liked all the children and wanted to do everything possible so that they become better. After sometime she realized that this acting had become a passion for her and she would not react negatively in any situation. She was very comfortable with every child and when one of the child had runaway to work without completing his education she ensured that his return to the school is fruitful. This is the example of deep acting. The parents and the teachers who have surface acting are mostly stressed and frustrated. The other group of the parents and the teachers who have deep acting sense are happier and this acting becomes their habit which makes them to enjoy what they do or act.
So, it is important for all of us to understand that though we act so many times in a day but if the deep acting which initially is used to control emotions should become the habit and that will be helpful to us as well as others. The surface acting will always be a problem particularly for the self, so deep acting does not make you succeed in your task/profession but also cause minimum stress in the process.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Criticism and appreciation

My thoughts on the topic does appreciation increase competition have generated lively debate among the people who read it and are always there to helping polish my ideas on different topics which are very relevant to the life of the children, teachers and the parents. Many of them are of the opinion that without appreciation life will become dry and there will be no motive for the people to perform better. Others feel that appreciation might be all right in some extraordinary situations but not always and there are many who say appreciation does no good in the long run. While discussing all this with my friends I thought of another aspect of human nature. The opposite of the appreciation seems to be criticism and we all get involved in this at one or other point of time.We all get in a situation when we either criticise somebody or other criticise us.If compared then we shall find that people use criticism more than appreciation. Is criticism good or bad? Does criticism help the other people improve or hinders the progress and the improvement? These are important questions to be discussed and understand what is good for the human being. One day I would like to understand why criticism make us feel bad and appreciation does the opposite. Criticism is something which self or somebody else tries to genuinely analyze about the things which have not been done as per the norms or the expectations of the family or the society. All try to do their level best to do something great and want other people to give their feedback. When we are told about our shortcomings most of us do not take them kindly. Though outwardly all say please give me the honest feedback. When it comes to sharing the views regarding any programme different people give different opinion for the same thing. So the feedback is not absolute but relative and depends upon the perception of the person concern. I have experienced many situations where the same person gave opposite opinion for the same situation on two different days. One day a father came home and he was happy because of some good order he go for the goods to be export by his organization. The child at home was playing and while doing so he damaged something which was costly and was purchased a few days back only. The father did not react negatively and said no problems he could get another one and did not say anything to the child rather appreciated him that he was doing some physical activity. The child was happy because he was not scolded by father rather was appreciated in a way. After few days the same child while playing broke something which was quite old and not of much use. The father came stressed from his office and the moment he saw the damaged article. He was very upset with that and scolded his son very badly and told him that house was not the place to do physical exercise and he should have gone out for the same so that there was no damage to the things at home. Look almost the same kind of situation but two different reactions. If the father had told the child in the first instance only that he was not unhappy due to what was done by him but this was not good to play at home and if the child was willing to play he should have gone out. This would have been good for all because this was neither appreciation nor criticism. Another example is of one teacher who was very hard working and would do everything possible for the good of the children and the school. The headmaster was quite happy with her and used to give her many responsibilities. She used to teach those children at her home who were not able to cope with their studies in the school. Till everything was going well nobody dared to say anything against her but one day unhappy parents complained against her. The problem was that she had asked children to do some extra work and on that day the parents were to go somewhere out. The child was sincere to complete her work and the parents wanted her to accompany them. This created a problem at home and the same parents who were quite happy with the teacher criticized her for giving too much of work and forcing the children to study so much that they were losing their childhood. In both the cases the criticism was unwanted and not justified but this tool is used properly this can prove to be tremendous help to all of us. Positive criticism is as important as the food for the life. This helps people to improve and not to repeat the mistake. The criticism can be from outside as well as from within. Those who want to do better always fell happy to get critical feedback. They are happier to listen to the areas in which they could not do well. Tough many people encourage their friends and other people to give honest feedback but always expect appreciation for what they have done or are doing. Criticism should be taken in the positive way and the ones who criticize should be thanked because appreciation is easy response than criticism. While you criticize somebody a reason has to be given and for that a person should know very well about the thing for which criticism is done. Those who criticize should also be careful because the feedback given by them can make difference in the life of the person about whom anything is said. While criticizing somebody the objective should be to help him/her and not the enjoyment. Do not use criticism to transfer your frustration to somebody else. The criticism word may seem to be negative but the outcome of the same can be used for the improvement of the skill or the approach. May people feel bad when they are criticized but they should remember the lines by one of the great poet that “ nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhawaye. Bin saboon paani bina nirmal kare suhhaye.” The meaning of the same is that you should always keep a critic close to you who will help you to clean thoughts without any expenditure. This is the reason the concept of the critical friends is very much popular nowadays. This helps us to take care of those areas and the problems which we are not able to see our self. What I feel that criticism is better tool to improve than any any thing else and it should be used for the good in spite of felling bad when criticised. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Does appreciation increase competition?

I shared my views on the topic that too much of the appreciation may not prove to be good for the children. My colleagues gave me the feedback about what they thought and many of them were not quite in agreement with me. But when we discussed the topic further not in context of the children and extended it to the elders also, many more things came to light. It was found that these are not the children only who are affected by it but even the adults . During the discussion we were forced to go an extreme where we felt as appreciation does no good to anyone. I would like to share a few examples here. At home or in school or in any other organization we come across many situations where a person or a group is appreciated for something that deserves appreciation.There seems to be nothing wrong with that. But look at the reaction of the other people in the family or the organization, how do they feel? We all are supposed to do our job sincerely and many do it sincerely, but only a few of them are appreciated and awarded, what happens to others who might have been doing equally well. The most important question to be asked is, why should somebody be appreciate or awarded? The simple answer would be to encourage and motivate this person to do better in future and also let others also feel that if they do the same they too will  be appreciated or awarded. I raise another question here. Should people do good work for the sake of getting appreciation? Before this appreciation they were doing all the work without expecting anything in return but once they have been awarded or appreciated will they not have the expectation of the same for anything they do in future? One of my friends told me that once he was chosen to be the most honest person in the organization in which he was working and he asked a simple question,whether the other people were not honest in the organization and he was the only one? His question was very genuine because others who were equally honest felt let down and thought as they have been labelled as being dishonest. Making one feel happy might cause problem for others but that does not mean the good work should not be recognized. For all this a different way will have to be explored which is not subjective but objective in nature and everyone understands it very well. Many people say and I too believe that in an organisation we should have the co-operation. The awards and so called appreciation are the hindrance to the concept of the co-operation. Co-operation will make this world better for everyone and competition will make the people drift away from each other. The competition takes us to the illusion and the cooperation to the real and happy situation. Look at what has happened to the spirit of the games and sports. People always felt that games and sports will improve the discipline and the cooperation among the people but the result is in front of all for us to see. The competition has added to all the ills and the problem which nobody had thought of. The game of cricket is the burning example for all of us. The other games are not left untouched from this. The hockey team which has declined to accept certain amount which they consider much less than the amount given to the cricketers. Why did it happen, because the cricket team was appreciated more than the hockey team? I do not know whether more appreciation to the cricket has done any good or not but this has definitely done some wrong to the hockey team. Now take the example from home or the school. A group of teachers did one activity and the same was appreciated by the people. The other teachers would try to do better than this, whether possible or not, needed or not needed and if by chance they are not appreciated as the other group was,there evolved problems. In some case they may be not be able to do anything in future. Sometimes many people work for the sake of appreciation only which is not good. The work should be done because this is supposed to be done that way. There can be many examples where the appreciation has done more of harm than benefit to the family or the organization. So what our children and people should understand is that, appreciation should not be taken as the output of the work done by us but something which you got in bonus. The people should not work for the bonus but the main task should be considered the most important. Till we keep getting bonus it is all right but the day the bonus is not given there are problems so why to make people habitual of that. Take another example when a child had done his homework and the mother said well done and the other day the child did the same but did not get the appreciation then he feels bad. The child should do his homework and by doing that he has done nothing extraordinary and we should teach him and learn the same that everything should not be done for award but for self happiness and in the process if others are also happy that will be great irrespective of whether we are appreciated or not. The self satisfaction and performing a task should be the main source of happiness and this is what our saints have been teaching us. The happiness of our inner soul is the most important than external happiness. Those who have tried to seek it in the outside world landed in the difficult situation and others were happy. We must learn to work for the purpose of helping others without expecting anything in return. If we are able to do so then most of the problems will get solved automatically. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Patriotism in the real sense

It appears as the country is passing through a difficult phase and the countrymen are not sure in which direction it is going. Everyday fight of words between two major political parties does not set a good example for other smaller or regional parties. Yesterday`s (03rd Oct. 2011) incident in the assembly of Jammu and Kashmir is another addition to what our representatives do in the temples of  democracy. The whole country witnessed the assembly and nobody could stop all that. Last few days were equally bad when our honorable prime minister was in the UN conference and two senior colleagues of his cabinet had a tussle regarding some note sent by one of them in regard to some scam which is very much in focus nowadays. It appears that all what is shown and discussed on TV channels is a mere eye-wash.At the same time it is also not beneficial for the country. We celebrated the birthday of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi and it was good to see that the prime minister and other leaders visited the Samadhi of Bapuji and remembered him. Some TV channels telecast documentaries based on his life,but that was more as the ritual than an actual rememberance in this time of crisis. We need him today more to guide and help us so that this country could be saved from the problems being faced by it. Sh. Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Gandhiji rightly mentioned in one of his articles published in one of the newspapers that to remember Gandhiji only for one day does not make any sense. His teachings are so relevant even today as these were during the time when he was in this world. Why the political parties and the government should not follow the ideals and the path shown by him? Why to have ritual of saying a few good things about him on one particular day and rest of the days use his name for political mileage? I would have also become insensitive towards the issues faced by the country if we were not surrounded by the children who are the future of this country. The problem is that they are also very much exposed to the happenings in the country and are not learning anything good. Healthy criticism and the debate are altogether different than the polluted game of politics, which is very much evident nowadays. Naming the policy after the name of great people does not make any impact unless we follow the philosophy and ideology adopted by these people.  We are happy that Bapu is remembered by the people at least on this day but, look at the fate of another great leader of the country whose birthday also happens to be on the same day as that of Bapu and he is the strong worded but very polite Late Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastriji. Very little is spoken or heard about him though the contribution made by this petite man was tremendous. It was during his time we got the slogan which is so apt even today when he said to his countrymen,"Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan". His son wrote somewhere about his pain and feelings towards his fellow countrymen when there were problems in the state of Kerela. The rice crop was damaged due to some calamity and the people did not have food to survive because rice was their main dish. Shastriji was very disturbed that the people in that state were not able to have proper meals. He told his own family members that rice would not be cooked in the house till the time his people in the state of Kerela got proper food. It was during this time he decided that it is not enough to save the boundary of the country but the country should be self sufficient to feed the its people. He was not very comfortable with the dependency of the country on other countries as far as the food was concerned. Then he gave the slogan which became very popular and the countrymen followed it in the right spirit. I wrote about these two leaders and almost same is the fate of other leaders also who sacrificed their life for the freedom of this country and did everything possible after the independence also. There have many more who contributed in the development of the independent India but the worry is that not much is talked about these leaders. We are entangled in our own web which is as harmful as termite for the future of the country. The countrymen may not be right in the apprehension that all the schemes which are announced by the government irrespective of the political party rule, are mainly for the votes and that is why the people have started calling them as vote bank policy irrespective of the name given by the government. The recent confusion regarding the definition for the people below poverty line in the country proves the same. The planning commission thinks that anybody who earns more than Rs.twenty six in the rural area and Rs. thirty two in the urban area is not poor. This has been reported in the year 2011 when the inflation has been at its peak and the people earning much more that this are finding it difficult to manage the family of four members. After a lot of hue and cry, the said figure has been withdrawn and it has been postponed to the year 2012 when the country would know who is poor and who is rich as per the government policy. People are right when they ask questions about how the government was able to frame the so called  friendly policies for the impoverished when they do not know who is poverty stricken. There are so many areas which need to be looked into seriously and the policy of vote bank should be stopped and the real welfare policies should be thought and implemented. The government should try to motivate and force the people to become hard working and not make the people physically and mentally dependent on the government support only. The feedback and the positive criticism should be taken in a positive manner. The country has tremendous potential if our political leadership is not involved in proving themselves less corrupt than the others, they would do a lot of good to the future of the country. The children and the youth will not forgive us if corrective measure is not taken immediately. The politics of the caste and the religion should be stopped and the politics of the country should be brought in. The children and the youth are impatient today and any more selfish drive might push the country to a more difficult situation. We must talk more of the progress made by the country but at the same time think about the negatives also and take the measures to correct them. The country should be kept over and above everything else and that will be the real tribute to our great leaders who sacrificed themselves selflessly for this great country which is  full of energy and rich cultural heritage.Belligerent nationalism is only in trend but what the country requires is patriotism in the real sense.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Self regulation and self control

The word generation gap has been very much used in all the situations whether it is related to academics or thought process of the people. There has always been discussions about the demeanour of the new generation not being as expected or as easily accepted by the old generation. This difference is natural because people are fond of change and experiencing new things often. But as we all have to live in the society and also with society, so it is very important that some basic norms are followed by all of us whether belonging to old generation or the new generation. Last few decades have seen this change taking place at a very fast pace and that is causing some discomfort between the people of two generations. It was all right till father and son or mother and daughter were feeling that way but now even the people of the same generation have started noticing that difference. Two real brothers who have the age difference of one or two years are openly saying that we have difference of opinion on so many issues because of the generation gap between two of us. This is not surprising because of the changes in the society,behaviour and mindset of people. Every day we witness new things and novel ideas of the people and this all is the result of the fast pace development taking place around us. Everyone wants to achieve everything instantaneously due to which the patience level of everyone in the society is going down day by day. This is leading us to the situation of being selfish in our thinking and approach towards life.
This made me to recall something which I read a few months back and that was related to delaying the temptation of the children and the impact of that on their life. Three psychologists namely Shoda, Mischel Peake worked on one important aspect of the life of children of the age of four to five years and they followed the growth of these children when they passed out from the school and their later life as well. We know that the children become very friendly to all around them and they also want to have everything which they see whether at home or outside. The three researchers approached a preschool and selected a group of children of the age around four years. The kids were made to sit in a group and something very tempting was placed near them. They were told that the adults will do some work and they should wait till the task is complete. If the children took the item of their choice before that, they were allowed to take only one item out of what was kept before them. If they could wait till the task was finished then they could take two items and if they could wait for one more task to be completed then they were eligible to take four items. As expected some of the children could not resist the temptation and took the item most liked by them within second of the announcement made. There were a few kids who waited for the first task to be completed and then took two items as permitted. One or two students could wait for the second task also to be completed and they took four items of their choice. Though it was difficult for all of them to resist the impulses and the desire to get something of their choice at the earliest possible opportunity but, few of them could control the temptation, resist the impulse and control the desire. The three psychologists kept the track of these children and they found that the children who could control their desire were able to perform better in the academics and the other aspects of the life in comparison to the children who took the things of their choice within seconds from the time it was announced. The difference between the two groups was very clearly evident in terms of the social and emotional development also when they were around fourteen or fifteen years of age. Those who had been able to delay gratification were more socially competent, self assertive and most importantly able to cope-up with the frustrations of  life. They were faced stress and the pressure of the external world courageously and were able to handle difficult situations more confidently. They were happy and capable to embrace the challenges and pursued them instead of giving up when they faced difficulties. Phil Peake continued following the academic and the social development of these children even when they became adult. He found that those who had been able to resist the temptations at the age of four were far better and more competent than the other group which could not resist the temptation. He found a dramatic correlation between the temptation control at the age of four and their SAT scores after their high school. The group which resisted the temptation was significantly higher in their SAT score than the other group.
This shows a strong correlation between impulse control and perseverance. This also suggests that if someone can control the temptation in their early age then he/she would be able to keep the frustrations at bay. That is the reason why the concentration power is of tremendous importance in the life of the children. I do not know whether mentioning the importance of Yoga will be appropriate here or not, because the Yoga also teaches us to control self. If we can teach our children to practice self regulation and self control, then most of the problems faced by them and the youth will be taken care of. But the problem is that directly or indirectly we are teaching them to achieve everything instantly . In most of the cases, parents fulfill the wishes of their children and indirectly teach them short cuts to success. Self imposed delay of gratification will help an individual regulate emotions and temptations. The ones who are able to self regulate are able to use their emotional intelligence in a better way than others. The problems faced by the society today are due to the reason that the people are not able to control their temptations. We see something new today and the strong desire makes us to get the same immediately without realizing whether it is required or not. The children of the age of five to six years have started comparing the things available to them or possessed by their parents and they feel great if the same is not possessed by their friends or the parents of their friends. Those who do not possess them would force their parents to get the same things which they do not have but are possessed by their friends. Temptation is not bad in itself but uncontrolled and unlimited one is very bad and that is why it is very important that we teach our children to control it and limit the desires as well. If that could be taught and inculcated in the habits of our children then they would definitely be able to do very well in their life and the generation gap would also not be a pain in the neck for us anymore.