Monday, December 16, 2013

Realize the reality

Indian society is going through a transition at a fast pace. Though the changes are an integral part and human race has been experiencing the same right from its existence. But if we talk in context of India then it is found that in the last twenty two years, inevitable changes have taken place at a rapid pace. This has brought the problem of adjustment on the forefront and the society is finding it difficult to cope up with the fast paced changes. These changes have taken place in multiple areas. The people are better off in terms of the materialistic facilities available to them and also overall life style has become better and easier for many in comparison to the situation before. Exposure to the entire world because of liberalization and the openings due to evolution of the internet has contributed in a big way. Due to these changes the schools and the school education has also undergone several changes. The environment at home and in the school has become child friendly which was much required. The schools for the children have tried to act as the place to unwind their energy and optimize and explore their potential to the fullest. In the process of better opportunities and the better facilities, migration of the people took place from villages to small towns and from small towns to cities and from cities to metros and from there to foreign countries. This way the very base of joint family system got a jolt and the number of nuclear families has increased. Also the parents became aware of having one or two children and entire focus has shifted to the material gains for self and the family (mainly parents and the children). While trying to acquire more wealth for future many parents lost track of the art of living a happy and contented life and they burdened themselves with lot many things. The so called freedom and the openness contributed a lot for the good of the children but when the things went beyond a limit then some issues were raised. Nevertheless, the pace of the change was so fast that the sound of resent appeared to be a murmur of  people who were tagged as orthodox by the so called progressive minded people. The impact of all this came on the schools and the students also. Infact, the system in the past was different and deferential. The teacher was in the charge of everything and the students had a very little role to play, but to follow the instructions of their teachers. The things changed and the students were given freedom to express themselves everywhere, in schools as well as at home. But in the process the teachers became mere tools and the schools were probably reduced to a place to meet friends and have fun. Any kind of punishment was banned in the schools and the teachers were left on the mercy of the students who may do anything in the class but the teachers were not supposed to do anything to them except informing the principal or the parents. This system has helped and made the life of many students worth living and enjoyable because sometimes the teachers used to be harsh and unfair to many of them. As everybody knows that excess of everything is bad and the same seems to be happening here also. Most of the students are enjoying this freedom and the teachers are helping these children to the best of their ability but a few students have taken the freedom in a negative way because they know that nobody can do anything to them. It appears as if the number of violent cases, verbal as well as physical are on the increase and those who indulge in such issues, do not understand even when they are counseled and made aware of the wrongs done by them. Rather they seem to be enjoying the situation at the cost of others. I have personally experienced the same and the parents of such children have given up and they want teachers and the schools to take some serious disciplinary action against such students. But there is one very important thing that should be shared with all and deserves a mention here. When a child complains at home against some other children because of whom he/she was disturbed, the parents of such children want very strict action to be taken against such children and the schools are pressurized for that, however, when the same situation arises for their children, they want schools to be sympathetic towards the children and not to take any action meaning thereby that if it is the child of somebody else, disturbing my child, he should be punished but when the same mistake is committed by my child then he should be left free. This approach does not help anybody, neither the children nor the parents and the school. Rather this becomes the bone of contention at times. But the quandary is that this is not the violence only which is causing the problem but the misuse of the electronic gadgets like the smart phones and tablets etc which is adding fuel to the fire. The problem has multiplied further because the parents and the teachers are not fully equipped with the methods to face such challenges because this change as I mentioned earlier came so fast. The deciding authorities of the education policy and the schooling system got so much influenced by the system of the foreign countries that they thought of changing everything according to their pattern without realizing that the Indian societal and family fabric is entirely different than many of those countries whom we are trying to follow. The number of indiscipline cases in the schools is on the rise but the problem is that nobody is willing to admit it in the gathering of responsible people which  will prove fatal in future. All try to be good for the media and the public and this deliberate ignorance on the part of the stakeholders again is a dangerous sign. I fully agree that there are certain things which need to be changed, but not everything. The recent changes being introduced by CBSE almost on daily bases have left most of the teachers and the parents at times in a catch 22 situation as they are unable to understand what to do and whom to approach. Though our country is democratic and gives all equal opportunity to express their views but the problem is that those who express their views not in agreement to the ones in power are considered to be against them which may not be the case.
I am not putting forward the problem only but need to say that we all must realize the ground reality and make sincere efforts to help our children to become better behaved citizens of the country and not the money making machines only. The parents should also realize that the most important aspect of successful person is hard work so they should not let them feel that everything is kept ready made for them whether they study or not because many children who indulge in some undesirable activity are well assured about their future. The children who do not allow others to study and indulge in violence should be dealt with seriously in such a manner that they improve and others also do not suffer because all the school would want is to give to the country morally strong, competent, diligent and successful citizens. These children deserve to be taken care of but not at the cost of others who come to school to learn and be better citizen of the country. Our father of nation always stood for the non violence and we cannot disobey our adults and forefathers. I hope my views will be taken in right perspective and not against anybody because a teacher is also pained for a blame which is not true.