Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Importance of positive energy

Sometimes, you tend to ignore a reminder or an advice even if it comes from someone you trust or rely upon. The reason, we overlook it or do not take it seriously might be that we weren’t expecting such a thoughtful piece of advice from that individual. This person could be your junior, son/daughter, student or any other member of the society. This could be a person who is not considered equal to you in terms of position, socio-economic background or experience. But the same person might make your thinking chords ring on some very important issue regarding the work you do or the kind of thought process you have. My firm belief lies in the idea that children are the noble souls and they should be treated with affection and their bringing up should be as gentle as possible. I take pride in the conviction that children are the real essence of an individual’s life. But, in the race of being number one and running after the accumulation of as many materialistic things as possible, we tend to lose that politeness and understanding which our kids deserve and crave for. This particular belief of mine has been enhanced and made more concrete by many students, with whom I have worked but one child became a living example of this idea.
 A few days back, he came to my office with a request regarding the role children can play in implementing the vision and mission of the school and in this process; he presented me a book titled “The secret Life of Plants” by Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird. He insisted that I must read pages 19 and 20 of the same which talk about the impact of the human feelings and emotions on the plants and leaves. I take the same example to talk further about the impact of the behaviour of the parents and teachers on the upbringing and the value system that is being imbibed by the kids. This is regarding the dilemma of Vogel which he shared with her spiritually gifted friend, Vivian Wiley, about psychic energy. Vivian picked two leaves from her garden and kept one of them to her bedside and the other one in the living room. Every day she would get up, look at the leaf by her bedside and wish that it continue to live while she did not pay any attention to the leaf kept in the living room. After a month she asked Vogel to come to her house with a camera. Vogel could not believe what he saw. The leaf which was not paid any attention was turning brown and beginning to decay but the other leaf kept in the bedroom was still vital and green as if it was freshly picked. Fascinated by these results, Vogel also took two leaves from the garden and kept them on two glass plates. Every day, before breakfast, he would look at the leaves with concentration and wished that it remained live and green while the other was ignored. Within a week, the ignored leaf turned brown but the other two were still green. The results thus expressed in the book directed my mind towards human behaviour and what their response could be to such contradictory treatments. The people who think that trees do not have feelings are mistaken but yes, they cannot express them as we can. The people who look after the pets can stand by me on this statement that the animals also get affected by the way human beings think about them. Of course the feelings of the trees and animals can never be ill or bad towards a loving human being that is why it is always good to remain amidst the nature.
Now, if the same analogy is applied to the human race then what would happen? On a daily basis, we come across the cases in which teachers and parents come with lot of complains regarding their children. In most of the cases they are really frustrated while in the others they do not understand what to do with those kids. This is a fact, that every individual born in this world is unique and has the potential to grow and develop as someone capable of helping innumerable human beings. There are many examples which prove this idea, like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, Swami Vivekananda and a hundred and a thousand more. They were also born as any other kid but the kind of bringing up they had from their parents made a lot of difference in their lives. The teachers played an equally important role. What I am trying to emphasize upon is that the teachers and the parents must ensure that no child is ignored but more importantly it is a must to make sure that no child is ridiculed. We have seen in the experiment done by Vivian that the leaf which was ignored decayed very soon but imagine if that was criticized and poured upon with negative thoughts (like it would not survive for two days etc) then what would have been the effect. I am very sure that the leaf would have perished faster.
Now look at our children, whom the parents and teachers generally criticize. They want them to improve but their treatment often lacks positivity. Negative will always produce negative result. The parents and teachers must realise the power of positive thoughts. Even if they scold a child, their heart should pray that the child will become better and improve. Some people try to show that they love their children but still the response of the kids is not positive. I would request such people to think and analyse what were they thinking internally while trying to shower a lot of love through words and actions. In most of the cases it will be found that they were full of negative thoughts about the child. So, it is very important to change the mindset and believe that the kids would become what we make out of their potential and not necessarily what we want them to become. I have seen teachers and parents wanting their children to do this and that but rarely found them taking an initiative to make sure that the child is using his/her potential to the fullest. And the easiest method of making them do is to think positively about them even if you are angry or upset with them. Always have an attitude full of positivity and believe me positive changes will take place. Though, this might take some time and you may not get immediate result but please remember that our children are an important part of the cosmic energy which when grown with positive intent can make a significant difference. But, at the same time if they are nurtured with negative thoughts, it might prove to be dangerous to the entire universe. The teachers can play a more effective role here (the parents role is no less important). They should try to understand the reason behind every action of the children. No child wants to be scolded and they do not do anything for that but that just happens because of the reasons that are at times not known to the parents and the teachers. Always remember that if a leaf can remain green and live just by positive thoughts of an individual then how much difference the positive thoughts can make in a child’s life. This might take a little time but be assured that this will bring about positive result.
My advice and request to all the parents and teachers is that please do not think negative about the children. It’s high time that we realize that negative thoughts will only multiply if we are inadequate in handling them and understanding them properly. Also, please do not ignore any child because that would be an insult and disrespect to the Almighty whose marvellous creations these children are. Plant the seeds of positivity and you will see the children bloom like flowers, whose fragrance will cure the ailments of a morbid heart.