Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teach them to be strong

March is the month every year when most of the families are focused on the final examinations of the students (school as well as the college/universities) and everybody prays that the students succeed. Earlier it used to be in case of public examinations only but now this custom has started even in primary classes also. Though there have been reforms introduced to reduce the stress of the parents and the children but it had little impact. Though we keep getting inputs that the children are less stressed now but the real picture does not match with this.
Very unfortunate news was telecast yesterday which must have disturbed all the people who are concerned about the children of this nation and I am talking more in context of India. As per the news two girl students of a school in Bengaluru died (some say committed suicide) and the reason quoted for that is, that they were stopped from playing Holi in the school. The reports suggest that they were scolded by the principal and a teacher. The girls could not take the humiliation and took the extreme step. We have all the sympathy for the family and stand by them in this hour of grief. But a very important question is to be answered by all of us and probably then only we shall be able to stop or control such unfortunate incidents. The question which comes to my mind is - what is the aim of education? Is this to prepare the children for getting good grades and marks only or the something else? Should we not work in such a manner that our children get prepared for different phases of the life and do not get disturbed or lose everything in difficult situations? This world is not static and would never be. So should we not teach our kids the same and let them know that there would sometimes be tumultuous situations and they will have to learn how to survive even when the going is not good or comfortable. The life has two sides and we must know that well. There are times when everything is so good and enjoyable but the next moment it can be the other way round also. I want to submit for the consideration of all that taking decisions and reacting to situation without realizing the long term impact does not help anybody. The children learn a lot from adults’ activities and thoughts and I know that all parents and other people do face some challenges in their life almost on daily basis. There can be nobody who would not have encountered difficult situations and difficult people in life very often. I raised this point before also that the children of the day are being brought up in a manner that they are becoming intolerant towards listening to any ‘NO’ whether that is for their good or not for good. We come across a number of cases where the parents express their inability to handle the children because they want to do and have the things of their choice only and do not like parent`s advise(which the children take as the interference in their life). It is not the case with every child but the number seems to be increasing every year. The people who are at the helm of affair are trying to find short term solution for this serious problem. The life of every individual is precious and we should not allow it to be lost on useless kind of pretext for that matter not on any pretext. But they should not forget that society is the building block of such small units known as individuals and the children are included in that. No building can be strong even if one unit is not strong enough and does not adjust with rest of the units. One cannot be considered to be more important than the other one but all to be blended and put together so that overall strength is great. What I want to say is all must understand the importance of every member of the society and the family. The parents and teachers must ensure that the children become strong to face the challenges of the life not only physically and mentally but emotionally also. What I can gauge is that such incidents occur only when the individual is emotionally weak, as the magnitude of the problem was not so great here. Also the children must be taught from the beginning that if they have some problems,  it should be shared with the parents and teachers in whom they may have faith and belief. This is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to behave and act in a balanced manner even if they feel the act of the child was not pardonable. We must realize that the children do what they learn from us as individuals and the part of the society. In such cases the society and our education system should also share the responsibility and these incidents should not be brushed aside as one odd incident which took place in a city of the country.
At the same time we have to look at the big picture. If our children are not able to listen to what is told by the parents and the teachers, that situation is also not good. They must be made aware that the parents would not like to do anything against their children and if the teachers and parents teach them discipline, then this is not an offence. Discipline is the key to the success of an individual and also the society. If all are allowed to do the things and behave in a manner as they like then there may chaos and pandemonium in the society. The children should also be taught to live in peace and harmony with everyone around them. They cannot be and should not be allowed to do things which neither help them nor others. The parents need to be more aware about the behavior of their kids and should not budge and give in to unjust demands of their children. If they are consistent in their approach towards the children then there should not be any problem. Sometime we as parents become so emotional in providing the children those things also which they have not asked for and also do not need. Even in schools the system should be such that all are aware of the rules and regulations and that should not be for the sake of being into existence but practical also in its implementation. We must be careful while dealing with the individual children because they all are different from each other in terms of their response to any situation. All cannot be treated with the same rule all times. Sometimes they do it only for the sake of fun or in spur of moment without having any ill feeling towards anybody. In such cases, the teachers and the schools should be more sensitive and handle the situation accordingly. The habit of making somebody happy all the time is also not good and let our children learn that they should face all the phases with courage and should not give up things easily. Let the children also learn how to solve the problems and the teachers and parents should be judicious in offering solutions every time.
These children who are nowadays treated with utmost care by the parents would take some important responsibility tomorrow such as politician, bureaucrats, managers, CEOs and also the teachers. Though we require all those roles to be played well by our children when they grow, they should be capable of becoming excellent teachers in schools and colleges. Good teachers will be able to help children become good and responsible citizens of the country. If the teachers would not be emotionally strong then the whole community would have problems. Similarly, if the CEOs, politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, judges and lawyers etc are not able to cope up with the difficult situations and stress then also there will be problems in the society. So, this is very important that our children grow with balanced personality and they help the society become better. For this the teachers, parents and the education system will have to play proactive role and make our children strong enough so that such incidents do not take place. The parents and teachers should listen to the problems and the views of the children and if they have different point of view then the children should be told in a polite and dignified but firm manner.
Remember that the children are our reflection and we should not put all the blame on them. So, the onus of understanding our own children lies with us so as the responsibility of their valuable lives. May God help us in doing something which stops such incidents and God`s wonderful gift to the world in the form of the children blossoms in the garden of the society.     

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bullying in schools

Bullying in the schools

An article published in one of the widely read monthly magazine should act as the reminder for parents and the school teachers. This is not something new but has been there in the schools for the last many decades and not much has been done by the responsible people. Yes, I am talking about menace of bullying in the schools. Many school going children suffer from the act of violence, physical or emotional, at one or the other time. This may happen in the classrooms, games field, in the bus or some other areas which may be deserted by time. Bullying has very negative psychological effect on the personality of the kids which may drive them to isolation, depression and lack of interest in doing anything.
The schools are the place where children come to learn and imbibe values so that they can prove to be productive citizen of the society in future. The schools provide the space to showcase and further develop their skills in the positive direction. And the good thing is that most of the children are inclined and focused to do so but there are always some who do not have positive attitude and try to be the boss of others in the schools. The children who behave in an undesirable manner derive pleasure in teasing and disturbing others.
 The parents and teachers should be careful about the behavioral change in a child. Once they notice that the child remains quite or lost interest in the activities he/she used to be participating so enthusiastically, then there is a possibility of some bullying taking place somewhere or may be the child is disturbed because of the behavior somebody else who may be sometimes even an adult also. The child would need support from them and if the same is provided at right time they would be able to save the child from further problems. The bullying has been a worldwide phenomenon and some people observe that most sufferers are the students in a boarding school. There have been studies about bullying in India and also abroad. The general observation is that twenty to sixty percent children would have experienced bullying in their school life. This number varies from place to place and the social background of the kids studying. The study done in the schools of Mumbai and Thane shows that approximately sixty nine percent school going children suffer from the menace of bullying but only half of them report the same to their parents or teachers.
One important question asked is that who these bullies are and why they get involved in such activities. The psychologists and the educationists share that such children are the ones who are ignored in the family or must have been bullied at one or the other occasion. They are generally weak in their studies due to which they might have felt ignored and tried to show their presence by indulging in bullying of physically or emotionally weak children. Once they find the other child getting disturbed they are encouraged by this and then try do the same to other children also. Initially some children do complain to their teachers and the parents but in most of the cases they are advised to avoid reacting to such children. This might help very few of them and when the bully do not find any reaction they spare such children but in other cases the bullied kids find themselves isolated and without appropriate help from teachers and parents. This makes the bullies to continue with bullying acts and more children come under their scanner and disturbed. Some of the children who were bullied change sides and become the part of the so called `brave group` of the class/school. This is a natural process that the people with negative thoughts get easily united while others avoid being seen as the part of right thinking group.
This is a known fact that in any school not more than five to seven percent children behave in an undesired manner and if they are identified and counseled in time then many children can be saved from deviating from the right path. The parents and the school teachers should ensure that no child suffers because of somebody else. The children who bully should also be understood and try extend a help to them as much as possible with an intention to correct them and save other children from their bullying. Many people think that the punishment is the main weapon which should be used to take care of bullies but this may not always help rather I would say that it does not help. At the same time the schools and the parents should frame an anti bullying policy which should be known to all. The policy should be such that helps all without harming anybody including the bullies. Now the question is why should bullies be treated with sympathy because they are the young children who can be an asset to the society in future and the schools owe a responsibility towards them also. That does not mean that no punishment should be given to the bullies but punishment should be such that it helps them to improve than to harm them.
The children who experience bullying in the schools are picked by bullies due to certain factors which are irrelevant to others but bully consider these good enough to select their prey. This can be the children who may be physically weak, the ones who are liked and appreciated by teachers, speaking better language, being clever, and scoring poor marks who show lack of emotional stability. What I understand from the observations and information shared by the parents and teachers is that the bullies will pick anyone to whom they find challenging them or whose actions and performance make them irrelevant. What I want to say is that if some children behave very well in the class and complete their work in time the bullies think them to be people who will make teachers target bullies for working hard. The bullies would not like anyone setting a good example and they will try their level best to hamper that progress by teasing and disturbing such children.
The question arises that how to solve the problem of bullying in the schools? For this the first and foremost thing is that the schools should recognize the problem of bullying and then try to identify the children and the causes of this. The teachers should be well trained to understand the psychology of the children and then how to handle them. They should ensure that both types of children are taken care of: bullies and the ones who are bullied. The ones who need to be protected should be encouraged to keep doing good and the ones who try to disturb them should be handled as per the case. There can be no one rule to tackle the bullies because the reason for their behavior might be different and the treatment should also be like that. There might be some cases who bully because they were meted out the same kind of treatment to them by others. The teachers should be more careful about the children who join after the beginning of the session because such children find themselves lonely in the initial days and there is good chances of their falling in the trap of bully children. This happens so because those who are good in the class do not pay much attention to the newly admitted and the bullies are in the search of adding number to their group. The teachers should help the child becoming friend to good students which will reduce the chances of their seeking friendship with the ones who might drive him in wrong direction. Here I do not mean to isolate the bullies but to help the newcomer. The bullies should be handled carefully and with an intention to bring them back in the main stream of the children so that they can perform well. The parents and teachers are very important functionaries in the process but role of the school students particularly the captains cannot be ignored. The teachers must take help of the prefects and class monitors to help the children being bullied. There should be a team formed which can be section wise, class wise and also at school level. All the children should be aware of this and they should be free to approach of the teachers or prefects if they face any problem. The children should be confident enough of their safety in the school and they should also feel that their identity will not be disclosed until very necessary because if the bullies come to know about the complainants then they harass them further this may be one of the reasons the children avoid sharing their problem with their teachers and parents. Many teachers and parents might have come across statement by many children when they tell that they did not complain to anybody because those kids have friendship with the students of colleges and they are the ones feared in the society. At times the bullies are seen with them at different places and the innocent children fear because of that. This trend is on the increase nowadays and the schools must be more careful about the same.

There are many reasons of the bullying which need to be discussed more seriously than what is done today because ignoring the problem is no solution rather it acts as the fission reaction if not controlled in time. More attention should be paid on this issue and every school should develop an anti bullying policy which should be known to all stakeholders. Safe school environment can be heaven for the kids otherwise it may turn into something disastrous for many of them. As the saying is that sound mind is in sound body similarly the child blossom in safe environment and this is the responsibility of the schools and the parents to provide the same to their kids.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Progress in Education

At the outset I would like to wish all the readers and the people around the globe a happy and joyful year 2014. The first thought, as a teacher, which came to my mind was importance of education in the life of an individual and its impact on the society irrespective of caste, region or gender.  Gurdev Rabindranath Tagore once said ` in my opinion the maximum misery which rests on the heart of the country has its sole foundation in the absence of education`. We all know it well that the role of education in the process of development and social equality is critically important. Jean Dreze and Amritya Sen have beautifully defined and explained the role of education in the chapter `centrality of education` of their book, an uncertain glory of India. They talk about its impact on quality of life, economic opportunities and employment, democratic rights of the people, tackling health problems, change in the public perception towards life, women empowerment and societal equality.
The successive regimes headed by different governments have given due importance to the power of education in India also and the literacy rate has gone up from mere 28% in 1960 to a thumping 74% in 2010 (when Britishers left the literacy rate was merely 18%). This is quite encouraging considering the diversity and size of this great nation. The education spectrum has broadened in terms of the enrollment of the kids to the elementary schools to the expansion of the higher education. The numbers of educational institutes are increasing at a rapid pace but as the size of the country is too big that appears to be insufficient. The constitution of India guarantees free and compulsory education to the children of age six to fourteen years and government has enforced an act RTE 2009 to ensure the implementation of the law.  I am reminded of a case worth mentioning here; Japan had a high literacy rate which was higher than many countries even in the eighteenth century. The focus on education was very high in the early period of Japan`s development. During the early twentieth century the budget spent on education was as high as 43% especially in towns and villages. This data proves the importance of education on the overall life of the people because Japan has been one of those countries in which the people are very competent to fight any difficult situation (The recent has been the natural calamity they faced few years back and stood up, marking the advent). Though what has been mentioned makes us happy but a lot more needs to be done and all concerned should focus their energy to address the issue of India left behind by the neighboring countries also. For example, the literacy rate in the same period as mentioned above for India has grown evidently. Bangladesh moved up from 22% in 1960 to 78% in 2010, Nepal from9% to 78% and Sri Lanka from 75% to 99%. The progress made by the East Asian countries is much more rapid and high than our own country. It is only in Pakistan which seems to be with us where the literacy has gone up from 15% to 61% in the same period.
The efforts of the government and private sector have made considerable progress in terms of the number of the children enrolled in the schools, particularly in the last few years. In some of the states like Rajasthan the enrolment of the girl children has been very encouraging and it is on the increase every year. The SSA( Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has contributed a lot). The mid day meal scheme (despite some serious issues related to its implementation) has also contributed in retaining the children in higher classes. The government introduced Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas( the fully residential co-ed schools) for the people of rural India  and that has helped a number of children to get quality education almost free of cost. From all this it is confirmed that the quantity of school going children is on the increase but the real attention to be paid now should be towards the quality of education. Though we do not have concrete information base on quality because of scarcity of authentic surveys and inspections but the general feelings seem to be that a lot more is desired in this direction. The results by the NGOs like PRATHAM gives a very dismal picture of the quality of education in reading, writing and arithmetic but not many people believe them in totality because they may not be convinced by the methods used by them while conducting the survey. I would like the reason for the people not getting convinced from the state of Rajasthan. Government of Rajasthan has a programme introduced as SAMBAL. During a particular period the officials and other departments visit government schools and try to understand how much the children do not know and the outcome of the same is reported in the newspapers. The picture depicted is so shocking that people do not want their children to go to such schools, though in reality the situation may not be so awful because the people who try to judge the quality, do not have any training to conduct such inspections. But when we read the results of the test conducted by PISA (Program of International Student Assessment), it also paints an appalling picture of the quality of our schools. Though our country does not take part in the same officially but two states,i.e; Himachal and Tamilnadu did take part and in that the ranking of our country was among the last three. Nevertheless, these two states are among the best three in India and that perhaps is the cause of concern for everybody. If the bests are in the last on international ranking then what would be the condition of other states. Let us try to know the reasons for this dismal result and what can be done to improve the quality of education in India?
The quality of the result of the school going children depends upon the quality of the schools and the quality of the schools in turn depends upon the quality of teachers. The quality of teachers’ depend upon quality of higher education and teachers’ training institutes and also the schools they had attended. This way it seems to be a circle having probably started at schools and in case of teachers joining again at schools. If the teachers are good, then the children would also perform well. The teaching is not really the first choice of most of the people and that makes things worse. One reason quoted for that is less remuneration in teaching profession. But the fact is that after the sixth pay commission their salaries are substantial and when compared with per capita GDP with other countries, their salary comes out to be much higher than even the developed countries. So the important aspect is that the teaching profession to be taken not as a mere profession but mission in the development of the country. Those who are involved in teaching must ensure that they do their best and do not consider teaching as bread earning job only. It may sound to be an ideal statement but until the teachers realize their worth, nobody else can help to earn them earn respect of the students. The society also need to realize the importance of teachers and it should not be read as a couplet from Kabir`Guru gobind dau khade kake lago panya, balihari guru aapne gobind diyo bataye`. The teacher should be the role model for the children under their charge and should conduct in the most dignified way. The teachers have tremendous influence on the children and their parents and this thing should always be remembered by them.
The school education should be reformed that we evaluate the progress of our children in the most objective manner. The creativity must be allowed to adjust and grow further while teaching and also while evaluating. The government should set benchmark for learning at different levels based on the requirement of the country in future. The standardized tests should not be replaced by something which does not given correct information about the level of the learning of the children. Evaluation which exists in our system should be filled carefully so that the teachers and children know their level of achievement and then corrective measure can be taken to improve it further. The universalization of education should be clubbed with quality and hence we must strive not only for universalization of education but universalization of quality education. The children of one school should not be allowed to be at disadvantage in comparison to the other school due to economic or social reasons. The government must ensure the same quality to all children of the state. Private schools have added to the quality of education but these have not come without serious issues to be tackled by the government. The public private partnership model should be evolved such that it helps everyone and not only chosen few. The country has done fairly well in the field of education and now we all must work upon to make it better and available to all, so that our citizens can live a happy and healthy life, because good quality education is key to that.           

Monday, December 16, 2013

Realize the reality

Indian society is going through a transition at a fast pace. Though the changes are an integral part and human race has been experiencing the same right from its existence. But if we talk in context of India then it is found that in the last twenty two years, inevitable changes have taken place at a rapid pace. This has brought the problem of adjustment on the forefront and the society is finding it difficult to cope up with the fast paced changes. These changes have taken place in multiple areas. The people are better off in terms of the materialistic facilities available to them and also overall life style has become better and easier for many in comparison to the situation before. Exposure to the entire world because of liberalization and the openings due to evolution of the internet has contributed in a big way. Due to these changes the schools and the school education has also undergone several changes. The environment at home and in the school has become child friendly which was much required. The schools for the children have tried to act as the place to unwind their energy and optimize and explore their potential to the fullest. In the process of better opportunities and the better facilities, migration of the people took place from villages to small towns and from small towns to cities and from cities to metros and from there to foreign countries. This way the very base of joint family system got a jolt and the number of nuclear families has increased. Also the parents became aware of having one or two children and entire focus has shifted to the material gains for self and the family (mainly parents and the children). While trying to acquire more wealth for future many parents lost track of the art of living a happy and contented life and they burdened themselves with lot many things. The so called freedom and the openness contributed a lot for the good of the children but when the things went beyond a limit then some issues were raised. Nevertheless, the pace of the change was so fast that the sound of resent appeared to be a murmur of  people who were tagged as orthodox by the so called progressive minded people. The impact of all this came on the schools and the students also. Infact, the system in the past was different and deferential. The teacher was in the charge of everything and the students had a very little role to play, but to follow the instructions of their teachers. The things changed and the students were given freedom to express themselves everywhere, in schools as well as at home. But in the process the teachers became mere tools and the schools were probably reduced to a place to meet friends and have fun. Any kind of punishment was banned in the schools and the teachers were left on the mercy of the students who may do anything in the class but the teachers were not supposed to do anything to them except informing the principal or the parents. This system has helped and made the life of many students worth living and enjoyable because sometimes the teachers used to be harsh and unfair to many of them. As everybody knows that excess of everything is bad and the same seems to be happening here also. Most of the students are enjoying this freedom and the teachers are helping these children to the best of their ability but a few students have taken the freedom in a negative way because they know that nobody can do anything to them. It appears as if the number of violent cases, verbal as well as physical are on the increase and those who indulge in such issues, do not understand even when they are counseled and made aware of the wrongs done by them. Rather they seem to be enjoying the situation at the cost of others. I have personally experienced the same and the parents of such children have given up and they want teachers and the schools to take some serious disciplinary action against such students. But there is one very important thing that should be shared with all and deserves a mention here. When a child complains at home against some other children because of whom he/she was disturbed, the parents of such children want very strict action to be taken against such children and the schools are pressurized for that, however, when the same situation arises for their children, they want schools to be sympathetic towards the children and not to take any action meaning thereby that if it is the child of somebody else, disturbing my child, he should be punished but when the same mistake is committed by my child then he should be left free. This approach does not help anybody, neither the children nor the parents and the school. Rather this becomes the bone of contention at times. But the quandary is that this is not the violence only which is causing the problem but the misuse of the electronic gadgets like the smart phones and tablets etc which is adding fuel to the fire. The problem has multiplied further because the parents and the teachers are not fully equipped with the methods to face such challenges because this change as I mentioned earlier came so fast. The deciding authorities of the education policy and the schooling system got so much influenced by the system of the foreign countries that they thought of changing everything according to their pattern without realizing that the Indian societal and family fabric is entirely different than many of those countries whom we are trying to follow. The number of indiscipline cases in the schools is on the rise but the problem is that nobody is willing to admit it in the gathering of responsible people which  will prove fatal in future. All try to be good for the media and the public and this deliberate ignorance on the part of the stakeholders again is a dangerous sign. I fully agree that there are certain things which need to be changed, but not everything. The recent changes being introduced by CBSE almost on daily bases have left most of the teachers and the parents at times in a catch 22 situation as they are unable to understand what to do and whom to approach. Though our country is democratic and gives all equal opportunity to express their views but the problem is that those who express their views not in agreement to the ones in power are considered to be against them which may not be the case.
I am not putting forward the problem only but need to say that we all must realize the ground reality and make sincere efforts to help our children to become better behaved citizens of the country and not the money making machines only. The parents should also realize that the most important aspect of successful person is hard work so they should not let them feel that everything is kept ready made for them whether they study or not because many children who indulge in some undesirable activity are well assured about their future. The children who do not allow others to study and indulge in violence should be dealt with seriously in such a manner that they improve and others also do not suffer because all the school would want is to give to the country morally strong, competent, diligent and successful citizens. These children deserve to be taken care of but not at the cost of others who come to school to learn and be better citizen of the country. Our father of nation always stood for the non violence and we cannot disobey our adults and forefathers. I hope my views will be taken in right perspective and not against anybody because a teacher is also pained for a blame which is not true.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The misuse of technology

The last few years have seen the upsurge in the use of technology specially the electronic gadgets. This trend has been more among the teens and the youth. The introduction of internet and mobile is considered to be the key innovations due to the use of scientific principles of the 21st century. Initially all were fascinated by the use of these inventions but of late it appears as the electronic gadgets are playing havoc with the human race. The people are not just using them but have become slaves of these gadgets and there is a seriously growing addiction of mobiles, tabs etc. People have divergent views about the issue but many of them have started noticing the negative impact of excessive use caused by different factors. I am reminded of two incidents reported in the newspapers that many children are getting involved in certain undesirable activities because of the misuse of mobiles and other such items. There have been a number of cases reported when the young lives were lost due to the carelessness on their part while driving or even walking on the roads. A cartoon in a newspaper says that even a newly born child learns to handle mobile before speaking and grows with that accordingly. The excessive use of mobiles and the laptops etc has widened the gap already increasing at a fast pace. The children keep themselves engaged in playing games or chatting with so called friends, most of them who are perhaps unknown to them. The time which should have been used in some creative thinking is wasted in the search of virtual happiness. This word virtual has become very popular nowadays. Initially, it was thought to be alright but now it is becoming a problem for many, the gravity of which has yet not been realized. I may appear to be taking an extreme stand on this topic but the fact is that last few years have made human beings a machine because there is no human touch in most of the work people do using these gadgets. The maximum impact of the technology has been on the youth and the school going children have become the victim of this. The newspaper reports related to this are an eye opener for all of us. The parents and teachers are struggling in controlling the negative impact of the misuse of mobiles and ipads etc. I was surprised to see the advertisement of a computer program in which a child asks an adult about the mass of a body on a particular planet. The mother appears on the screen and tells the correct answer because one particular program elicits a quick answer. It may appear to be a wonderful tool to many but to me this is a problem because the child might remember the value but would not understand why and how. His (own) thinking and creativity would not get an opportunity to be applied because the answer is already there.
The other negative aspect is that the mobiles are not being used only for the sake of communication but these have become the tools for instant photography and that has also contributed to the misuse of these tools. It is not only the students who are affected by this onslaught but even the adults including the teachers are also the victims of this technology. The quality of research has not been spared by the use of internet rather in most of the countries it has deteriorated because in many a cases the text and the information are copied from different sites. This may not be true in all cases but most of the time people are able to present a paper within no time because the same is a ‘cut and paste’ from here and there which is easily available on the internet. Does this not prove that the thinking which is very important for the cause of creativity has been curtailed because the human mind is screened by the visuals available on the net? For better learning and creativity the process of thinking is very important.
Many parents have expressed their anxiety regarding the time spent (wasted) in the use of mobile and laptops etc. The children keep chatting with each other even in the late nights which do not only hamper their studies during that time but also their schedule of eating or sleep. Many children just pretend to be studying till the parents are awake and around them but the moment they go to sleep, children start their activity of misusing these gadgets. I have not been able to understand the importance and use of the mobile for the school going children rather it has become a major cause of indiscipline in the schools whether the children are able to sneak the mobiles to the school or not. At times morphed photographs of the girls are uploaded on the so called social sites which put the girls in an awkward situation which has forced some of them to take extreme steps. There have been number of cases in which the children fell prey to anti social elements and were at the verge of running away from the truth. The use of mobiles has also given people an opportunity to tell a lie very conveniently because the location told by the person may not be true as told to the parents or to somebody else. Different governments in India are promoting the use of mobiles in the rural areas by giving them discounts and subsidies. The person who used to spend the money earned during the day on providing the food to his/her family now spends a significant amount on the use of mobile. Also the productivity at the work place has decreased because many a times the workers are found talking and chatting on the phone. It would be interesting to see if a survey is conducted how much time is wasted during the working hours on the use of mobiles.

  The seriousness of the problem has multiplied because of weak laws to stop the misuse of the technology. We do not have any strategy to ensure that the children who are not supposed to be the part of some social sites are stopped from doing that. The governments come into action only when their own interests are attacked but are least bothered to take stringent action when some individuals are targeted on the social sites. There have been cases when the school going children placed derogatory comments targeting the teacher and this was viewed by the entire school community and other people as well. Some people say that this is one way to express your frustration but abusing somebody specially your teachers is not the right way of doing that. In these it becomes difficult to identify the culprit which encourages other children to do the same. This does not happen with teachers only but there are many innocent children who also become the victim of the same and as mentioned above specially the girls.
In the end, I would like to request all concerned to take critical view of the present situation and the problems contributed by the misuse of the technology and take corrective measures at the earliest. Also, our great minds and the future of the nation should be saved from becoming the slaves of the technology so that their creativity blooms and the explore their originality.