Monday, March 12, 2012

Be sensible and responsible for own actions

Among all the living beings on planet earth human being can think very fast and act accordingly and the result is that this group has evolved continuously. The nature has provided everything possible as per the requirement of all living beings including all of us. Man is also called a social animal  and the reason for the same might have been that we can live in a society in a better way than the other living beings. The progress and the developmental phases of the man in the last thousands of years have been phenomenal. The human race is proud of all the achievements and the progress made and the man continues doing the same. We evolved from isolation to group living and enjoyed the company of all around us including the family members. As the number of the people grew so was the desire of accumulating the things and the desire of possessing more than other groups. Initially, it was the group of the people who at least helped and cared for each other but slowly and steadily we are moving in the direction of being alone. I remember a play staged by the school on its annual day celebrations, in which the plight of the man and its impact on the individual and society was beautifully depicted with all the delicate intricacies. The title of the play was “Shoonya Se Shoonya Tak”. The play highlighted how the man (I mean early man) evolved and lived alone and then knitted the bonds of relationship by creating a group of people called family and now again is moving away from all the relationships towards loneliness.
One of the reasons for this to happen was greed (not the desire) to be better than others. I do not think the desire is bad but when the desire gets converted into greed then it becomes a problem. I agree that change is inevitable and we should embrace the same but change would not always be for the good. When we try to be better than others then it may not be so healthy as when we try to be better than ourselves. We all know it very well that by nature all individuals are different and if it is so then why should we try to compare and prove ourselves better than others. A person does things as per the capacity and the potential of self. When a mistake is committed, it is done by an individual and that individual only is responsible for its repercussions. Similarly, if something good and great has been done that is also the effort of the individual involved or the group of the people involved in that task. I expressed this idea earlier also that if we take the responsibility of our action and do not blame others for our action or behavior then the things would be much better than what they seem to be today. Some people might argue and rightly so that good and bad, right or wrong are relative terms and are usually understood with respect to something. True, but the thing is who set that standard? If we have to live in a group (I mean society) then some standard procedure and set rules are to be followed. As individuals we need to understand our responsibility and try to act within the agreed frame of work. All will agree that discipline in life is one of the most important requirements if the people have to live happily. There is no better form of discipline but  self discipline because anything forced on somebody does not yield that good a result. Unfortunately, that is missing in most of the cases in today’s world.
During a discussion (which was basically around the incidents of indiscipline and violence in the school, particularly the Indian Schools). Somebody mentioned that a teacher from some other country had come to visit the Schools in India and had an opportunity to teach in one of the schools. While she was returning to her country somebody asked her the difference in the behavior and the modus operandi of the students of the two countries. Her answer was that she could find the reason behind why the students of the Indian Schools were doing better than the students from her own country. She mentioned the major difference what she noticed was that in her country if the child was not able to do well then the teacher was considered responsible for that. This was irrespective of whether the child worked hard or not. Contrary to that, the children in India were made to realize that they were responsible for the result whether good or average. She was of the opinion that as the children in India are made to realize that if they had not done well so they try to improve themselves by working hard next time whereas in her country the children always felt that if they could not do well then it was the fault of the teachers and they were not responsible for the same. And the truth is that if one does not realize and take the onus of one`s fault or mistake then the chance of correction or improvement is not  
The children are the most precious and wonderful gifts of nature and they are the purest form of nature. We as adults are responsible for the initial shape they take but after that they should be made to think that they will be responsible for own their actions and results. Until they realize the importance of their potential and care for their own action, things would not be very good for them and eventually for the society. If a child does not perform well then it is important to find the reason for the same but the child should always be motivated to work hard and he/she should never be allowed to become complacent. As mentioned earlier, discipline in life is very important and without that everything will be in chaos. Discipline in all associated fields, the society as well as the individual`s life including the children. Whatever they learn in their childhood goes a long way in shaping their future. The parents and the teachers should set an example for their children by accepting the responsibility of the results of their own actions. If we do the same then the children will also follow the same. Our children have been good and are good and let us try to provide the support which enables them to be self dependent and responsible citizen of the country and the world. 

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