Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wishes (for) granted

The results of the public examinations have been declared and the students who have qualified are running from pillar to post for the admission in higher class. Those who qualified senior secondary are trying their luck in different universities and colleges and the ones who passed class X are searching for the subjects of their interest. Nobody is sure of getting what they will get in college or the school. This month or the time is very crucial for the students wanting to pursue their higher education. In our country, the choice of the subjects at senior secondary level decides which field one will pursue one`s future career. And this is the reason, the parents and the students are very much concerned and at times if allowed to say confused about the subjects to be chosen. Every year the principals of the schools do face the difficulty of balancing their act between the interest and the liking of the child and wish of the parents. As always the same is true for me as well and it is difficult to convince many parents and students about the choice they should make. In smaller cities, the parents and the children are yet not very much aware of the aptitude test conducted by the counselors to provide a fair idea about the interest and the strength of the child. Even if they are made aware of the same many of them do not like it and want the child to opt for the subjects of their (parent) choice. I would like to share two incidents (examples) with no offence to anybody. The Parents of a child have their own business set-up and are very well off. They wanted their child to opt for science stream because that is required for the profession they are involved in. They want that the child would be having a better and secure future because of the infrastructure already in place. But the child was not at all interested in all that already existed. The parents were concerned about their child`s interest and the liking but still motivated him/her to opt for the subject what they wanted. They discussed the same with the principal and counselor and decided to allow the child to opt for the subject of his/her choice. I would like to let everyone know that once this issue was resolved as per the choice of the child, there was an absolute peace in the mind of everyone in the family and the child`s face blossomed (the parents shared the same with the principal).
In the second case, the parents are in service and they wanted their child to pursue science because this has better future and also the children who study science are more logical and analytical (this is what they argued in favor of forcing their wish on the child). The elder child of the same parents was also forced to do what the parents wanted and he is not at all happy with that even after six seven years of that decision thrust upon him. He is with the younger child and not wanting him/her to suffer the same way as he did. They were also counseled and encouraged that the child should be allowed to opt for the subjects of his/her choice. Though the father admitted that the child should not be forced but he was not willing to accept the choice of the child. They left the office of the principal undecided with the promise that they will consult the counselor and then make a decision. They neither consulted the counselor nor talked to the principal again and the veto power of the parents was accepted by the child. I do not know what is stored in the future of the child but one thing is sure that the child would not be able to enjoy these two years of his senior secondary education and nothing can be said of after that. The child seemed so depressed that it was difficult to face him/her. This was a situation of helplessness for the child and the teacher both. These two examples explain the fate of almost all the children who have to make a choice at this intersection of their life.
I do not know whether parents of the child in the second case are right or not but if seen from their point of view then difficult to blame them also because most of the parents do worry about their child`s future and want to ensure that they do well later in life and do not suffer the want of anything which the parents would have suffered. I agree that the children of age 14-15 may not be able to decide what is good for them but one thing is almost certain that they know the subjects of their interest and if allowed to opt for those subjects they will enjoy their studies and do their best without much of stress. The parents should understand that in today`s era no subject is inferior in comparison to the other subjects. The only thing required is the aptitude of the child in those subjects. There are thousands of options available to the children and let them explore those options. Also this is important to make education a path to earn living in future but that should not be the only objective. I am sure that all children will be able to do that on their own if allowed by the parents. The parents should have faith in the ability of their children and help them to perform best in the fields of their choice. Some people do say that it is easy to lecture others but difficult when it comes to your own children. I would like to inform them that there are so many parents who give a lot of importance to the interest of their children and have not forced their wish on the wishes of the children. The parents are happy and the children are doing very well in their life though they would not have been mentioned in the newspapers for their selection In IIT or AIIMS etc or would have been congratulated for the package of a crore or so.  But one thing is very sure that the parents and the children are very happy and enjoying their life.
Here I would like to advise those students also who might not get the college of their choice or the subjects what they wanted due to their performance in qualifying examination. They can still do well in the college they get admission in and the subjects they are offered. Remember life does not come to an end here rather this is the beginning. So work hard and enjoy what you do. I wish all of you best of everything in your future and a humble request to the parents not to force their wish on the children when it comes to selecting the subjects or the profession.