Thursday, December 16, 2010

Understanding a child

I happened to read the hindi poem by great poet Sh.Gopal Das Neeraj Ji titled "Maa mat ho naraaz....." in which a daughter is explaining to the mother the reasons of her doing certain things for which she is unhappy. The complete poem is so good that you can keep  reading it again and again but  few lines say a lot.The lines are :-
" Jo kuch huva use bisra de,
Santee(stick) faik(throw) baal sahala de,
Teri mamata bhi naa mili to jaane fir kya kare gujariya!
Maa mat ho naraaz..."
And I found it so true for all the children of today. We must understand that they tend to get impressed by the happenings around them the most and if they do not get  proper attention and guidance of the parents and teachers they feel ignored and might indulge in some undesirable activities.As parents and teachers we should be fair and also clear in our approach towards our children but at the same be firm also.At times we ignore a serious mistake and at other times become angry and react negatively on very small things which confuse the children. As I mentioned in previous blog that the children learn and do what they observe their parents and other elders doing.
At the same time I would like to advise all parents and teachers  that children should be made to realise the importance of hard work and value every thing they possess by virtue of their parents hard work, because education should prepare children for life and life is not always bed of roses but full of challenges in future.
We should be that close to them so that they feel safe but at the same time provide them enough space to grow and learn  independently which require a lot of understanding on our part. Do not doubt them what they share with you but at the same time blind faith may also prove to be a problem and not good for the child.

The parents and teachers should have judicious balance between two situations.I think that first believe them and when they prove to be otherwise then counsel them and if need be deal firmly but with an intention to improve and not to punish. Make them realize that you care for them and are concerned about their betterment.If we shall not help them, who else will and this will never lead to a happy situation for children as well as us. So pay attention to child`s need to support him/her as desired by the daughter in the poem I mentioned above.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Every child is important

We all know that  life is a cycle and everyone has to pass through  and face many challenges and move on. I do not remember many things of my childhood so clearly but I am sure that environment I was exposed to in my early years have tremendous impact on my attitude and thinking towards life.As a child we may not react and people around may consider us ignorant but I think that the children imbibe and receive maximum up to the age of 10-11 years.As the child receives more and reacts less he/ she is mistaken of not understanding things or happenings around him/her.
The child becomes what he experiences during the years I have mentioned above and it is very important for us as parents and teachers that we provide our children best of the possible environment. This does not mean to gift costly things but the values of life.That can be best done by action and not necessarily by words.The children learn more by what they see is being done by the adults around them. I also had done certain things  and behaved in a manner which was not a good example for my children but fortunately I realised  my mistakes very early and tried to correct that.What I want to say is that there should be no difference between what we say and what we do specially in the presence of the children..
Every child is full of potential and will be an asset to the society if nurtured well and brought up with positive feelings. He should be treated as good human being and not as a human resource only.Let us try to bring the best out of a child  and give this society an adult who makes the life of the people around him comfortable and happy experience.
Let us see good in every child and make every child feel important and worthy of doing something great which they are and if one does not come up to one`s potential then the child has not failed but we adults/elders.
I shall talk more about it when I meet you next.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Respected Gurus and my dear friends,
First of all I would like to thank Varun  Gupta who forced me to write my thoughts on this blog.
Also I would like this to be dedicated to my mother, my grandfather, my wife Sangeeta , my sons Vishal and Vaibhav and all my teachers and students from whom I have learned so many things and I am proud of that.
There is a saying that nobody can teach others but at the same time this  is also equally true that everybody can learn.and if it is so than the people around you are of paramount importance as you  learn the most from them.
I have been in the company of my students for the last more than 28 years and this has been wonderful and very enriching  period of my life.
My grandfather inculcated in me the values which got space to grow in the company of my students  and my family. Today I realize the importance of living with young kids and be as innocent as they are. I firmly believe that if the national character is to be built this can be done in the schools, hence the school teachers, rather call them  facilitators  play a significant role.
These are my thoughts which I have learnt during my on going journey of  learning more and are no universal facts. you may not agree with that which is absolutely perfect and I would like to be corrected  for the betterment of my students.
I shall keep posting my random thoughts so that the same can be used by individuals as per the requirement. 
Once again lots of regards and love to all who helped me to be what I am today.