Sunday, January 9, 2011

Positive thoughts of parents- A boon to the child

Dear friends,
Yesterday I met a young couple who got married recently and now moving out to a place away from their parents.This made me to think that, will they have difficulty  in  starting a new life of their own without anyone`s support from the family? Also after few years when they will  plan of their  family, will they be  mature enough for taking care of their kid/kids. This forced  me to further think about the scenario of problems faced by today`s kids and their parents. I would like to focus on the stressful life of parents in the present scenario.
We all know it well  that during this period (Dec-Feb.) every year, many young parents anxiously wait for their child`s admission in a `Good` school. A lot of exercise of filling forms and waiting for call and then admission (not necessarily in the school of their voice). We know that the stress is not only during this period but has become an integral part of today`s life pattern.
 But why all this ? I understand that all parents want best of every thing for their kids including good formal education at school which, now a days start at a very early age.You can see small kids, who should be enjoying at home being forced to accompany parents to big buildings and meet the people who are supposed to shape their future. In some cases the stress of getting the child admitted to a good school starts when the child is two to three years years old but in many a cases, this has  been found that parents start worrying about child`s future even before the child is born. And my worry is that this stress of the parents has an impact on the child  which may not be  realized because in this age of cut throat competition and fast pace  life, there are many other factors which are the cause of severe stress to all,  especially young people. Their own ambitions of doing better than others and reasons like not having the moral support of  elders due to being away from home make situations not very good for them. But what I think is that whatever may be the cause of stress for young parents, that should not affect the child. We know that  nuclear family system has become very common which makes it increasingly difficult for the parents to cope up with this additional, but the most important responsibility, of bringing up a child. Earlier when joint family tradition was more prevalent than there would be mother in law and other elderly people at home and young mother used to learn about good parenting from them.She was  always advised to eat proper healthy food and exposed to stress free positive environment in and outside the home.
Our elders knew it well which has been prove now  by many research  that good food habits and positive thinking of would be mother will have an important impact on the child`s personality.As I mentioned earlier that more nuclear families are added every year because the people leave their native place for  better job opportunities available at some other place, due to which they are they are deprived of the education they could have got from their elders regarding good parenting.That is why it has become very important that some councellors are available to such people who may guide them and help them to cope up with this important responsibility.
I feel  it is good to plan for child`s future but it should not be forgotten that present is also very important this is the present which will shape the future of the child and not vice versa. The would be parents think positive and should have good foot habits if they want their child to have these habits. They should talk positive even if they are passing through difficult times. Watch good TV programmes not the ones which are full of violence or vulgarity. I would advise young parents to develop reading habits and should read good books and magazines.They  may visit the councellors in addition to regular doctor`s check up because along with the physical health  mental and emotional growth and health  is also equally important.
Whether the child gets admission in the school of your choice or not, it will not matter much but if he/she is exposed to a good environment before and after the birth. I am sure then the child is destined to do well in future for self and will be an asset to the family and the society because he/ she will radiate all positve thathas been absorbed by him/her.
All are advised to take parenting as the most important phase of their life and do not allow it to become a stressful exercise.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Impact of cce on students

Dear friends,
From the time of independence we have been working towards making our country better place not only for our people but also for all on this planet.The thrust has been on economic,scientific and industrial growth. Education and agriculture did get attention of our policy makers but I think more could have been done in that direction.All will agree that education is the key to the sustained growth of a nation and agriculture is the key sector to provide healthy food to the citizens.
Many attempts were made in the past to make our education system child friendly which improves the learning without adding  stress.Here I am talking about the school education which should be in tune with nation`s requirement. Learning and stress should not be allowed to become directly proportional but we should ensure that learning  reduces the stress. All the recommendations made by different commissions were an attempt in that direction but unfortunately no serious action was taken to implement them in right spirit due to some compulsive reasons.
We should appreciate the initiative taken by present HRD Minister who introduced new system of evaluation(CCE) which is less stressful than the traditional one. Though initially we were apprehensive. Was it a right step  taken in haste? But I think he was right in his approach that  we had been discussing  the changes for years without taking action and now was the time to implement.
Some of us have yet not realised the positive side of CCE because we may not have fully understood it or fear  some challenges faced in its implementation. Many parents  and also teachers are struggling to go along with the change but let us try see  the positive results in future.
We have observed positive side of this and the same must have been the experience of most of you.
When children were to appear in board exam not  much attention was paid  towards the personality development of the child and academics was the focus for every one because the reputation of the school and the family was at stake. They were rarely allowed to take part in co-curricular and extra curricular activities once promoted to class X. Now, as that pressure is off, the children are able to explore other areas and not only having focus on academics only. In the past one year, our experience is that performance of the children in other fields has improved . I can cite many examples from their class room activities to the morning assembly, organising events in the school and many other areas.
This will take some time before the real fruits are visible to all of us. To me, this seems to be homeopathic medicine which might take  little longer to cure but has no side effect.
Thanks to our policy makers for this wonderful gift to our children.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Every one is basically a child

Dear all,
I wish you and all the children a happy and prosperous year 2011. May we all work for the betterment of every human being and look after wonderful gift of God in the form of children.
Let me share with you  my personal experience of the last week. A group of about 33 teachers went to visit a few places like Goa and Mumbai.The idea was to get together and understand each other in a better way because when you you are at your  work  place, profession becomes more important which at times acts as barrier  to personal life. After a day only we all were so comfortable with each other which cannot be described in words but can be felt only.The  important thing I want to share with you  is that most of the times,we all were behaving like children.This made me to realise that within a grown person also there lives a child who is not allowed to come out due to compulsive reasons. We do enjoy when we work in the capacity of an adult but the most enjoyment is when we are a child. I have been writing that let us not spoil the child hood of our children to make them adult before time.They will enjoy their life when grown up if allowed the proper childhood.
I would advise all concerned to create an environment which allows children to grow naturally and exploit their latent talent. Let new year be taken as a programme to save childrens` childhood.
Thank you