Monday, November 7, 2011

Festival of sacrifice Id Ul Juha

Id Ul Juha was celebrated in our country on 7th November 2011 with great enthusiasm. The Muslim brothers and sisters offered their prayers early in the morning and remembered the Almighty God and expressed their feelings and gratitude for all the blessing of their life. As all of us know that Id means festival and Juha means sacrifice. Many of us would be aware that Abraham (Ibrahim) offered his son Ishmael to God as was expected from him. At the last minute, his son was replaced by a goat and since then this festival of sacrifice is celebrated worldwide every year, after about two months and ten days of the end of Holy month of Ramadan and at the end of the Hajj which is celebrated in Mecca in Saudi Arabia every year. Though all the festivals and celebrations have one or the other significance and they always teach us something good but this festival of sacrifice is one of the most important reminders for the human beings and not only for the Muslim brother and sisters. This teaches us to sacrifice even the most important and beloved thing to God without any hesitation because whatever we possess does not belong to us. All know it well that we came in this world empty handed and will leave as we came. Whatever has been gained by us is by the grace of God and other people around us. On this day of Id ul Juha all people try to make sure that nobody remains hungry and they share whatever they cook at their home. The sacrifice made is always pious and supreme and cannot be measured in terms of more or less. Again I ask the same question that should it be the celebration of the day to eat well and wear new clothes and exchange messages and wish each other and then forget the importance of this day as it happens in most of the cases. We should understand the importance of celebrating this festival of sacrifice and follow what the Almighty expects and asks us to do. We should also understand that He does not want anything for self but for the mankind and the human race irrespective of the religion and the caste.
If we see the world around then such festivals become all the more important because most of the people have become so selfish that they are blinded of their duty defined by God towards other fellow beings. The relationships have become completely materialistic which does not have space for the emotional feelings. What does it teach our children? They at times, doubt our exploitations regarding the importance of such celebrations because most of the time they observe absolutely opposite to what is talked on this day. The other thing which has been disturbing many of us is that the festivals have been converted into the business opportunities. If we read the newspapers and analyzes the news channel reports, then it is found that no festival has remained unaffected by the influence of the market. I would like to know which TV channels and the newspapers carry the reports regarding the importance of the day in detail so that the people can remind themselves of their duties and our children also learn the importance of the day. You will be finding very few which have discussions so that our youth is given the right message on such important days. This is true that change will affect all the aspects of the life and even the festivals will not be spared by that but the essence of the festivals and good teachings given by the celebrations should not be forgotten and missed in the name of change. This day does not make us only to sacrifice for the sake of pleasing God but if we can do some good to His creation that will be the best way of doing our duty towards Him. He does not want anything for self but for the people and that what God has taught us through His desire of asking Abraham to sacrifice his son. This is the day which a is reminder to us to make us aware of our duty towards other human beings and do everything possible to make their life happy and comfortable. This is the day which reminds us for the sacrifice to be made for the happiness of others. When we talk of the word sacrifice that does not necessarily means giving up your life for others but help others at the cost of your own things. We have many examples where the people serve the poor every day before they eat anything themselves. They may remain hungry for the days together but would not let the other people suffer. That is what this festival teaches us. We should not try to gain things at the cost of the other people. But the problem is that nobody remembers the real lesson taught by such celebrations after a few days and we start behaving in a very strange manner. If the lesson of the sacrifice is learnt by all of us then most of the problems of the human race will automatically be solved. We should not forget that the things which we possess today are not ours but are given to us by some supreme power. If that becomes clear to all, then Id ul Juha will have the real meaning of the celebrations not annually but daily. I may not be very correct in explaining to all about the other important lessons which can be learn from Id Ul Juha, but I believe whatever we teach the children through  our words and actions,it lives on forever in their heart and mind.Thus we must enlighten them about each and every religion and festival.

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