Thursday, November 24, 2011

Learn the lesson of peace

The violent incidents taking place in the country seems to be on the increase in the recent past. Earlier it used to be either the terrorists or the extremist who would indulge in such activities which were designed to create panic among the people of the country. By and large our nation has been peace loving and it has been rare that we provoked somebody or got provoked. The problems related to one of our neighbours have been created more by the circumstances of the partition and the attitude of the British Empire during the time when freedom was achieved by the two nations. Disgruntled group of the people helped the ill design of the neighbouring country and we did manage to control it in one of the major states but there are still some states badly affected by the activities of the people who are against the country or are otherwise unhappy with the government policies or unequal opportunities available to different people in the country based on caste or the region. The democratic approach has done a lot of good to the people and the country but in some areas, inherent problems could not be solved to the fullest. One of them being the education which remained elusive to majority of the people till the recent past. Those who got educated in some of the clusters and the castes, used that in their own interest and in that manner the ones who remained uneducated played in the hands of the few so called educated ones. This happened even in the political class and this led to further divide among the people. Most of the people are still fighting for "roti, kapda and makaan, "in addition to the problem of the education. This gap is causing a lot of stress in the society and if it is not taken care of at the earliest, then things might become difficult to control.
 Any kind of violence is bad and that should be condemned by everyone. What happened in the recent past with our leaders is utterly disgraceful because our father of nation did not let it  happen even with the foreigners what some of our people are doing with their own leaders. The difference of opinion is expected in all societies and more so in a democratic setup. So, even if somebody is not happy with certain policies or decisions then there is a different way of putting that across to the other people. Using foul or abusive language is not appropriate on the part of the people or the leaders. One of the most senior leaders and the minister was physically and verbally abused by one of the angry youth of the nation. Before that also such things happened with other leaders and members of the civil society which were not taken very seriously by the states and the individuals who were the target of the violent act. To forgive somebody is great but letting somebody repeat the wrong and offending act is not at all good for the people of the country. The children and the youth of the country are being exposed to such incidents quite often and that does not teach the right lesson to them. In the schools and the colleges, the lesson of  peace is taught to all and the same behavior is expected from them when they grow and take the responsibility in one or the other area of the development which help the country to come in the group of developed nations.
 Our country has rich culture and traditions and we should be proud of that and cherish the same. One of them is the respect for the elders and the love and affection for the younger ones. There are numerous examples where the elders were followed by the younger and they did not raise any voice. Some people may not agree with that situation to be followed in today’s` time but the other extreme of the same is also not permissible. The elders must be given due respect and if we do not agree on certain issues (which is quite possible and acceptable) then also there is a way of conveying one`s point of view in a dignified manner. Some might call, it as an ideal situation but at the same time this is the most appropriate way of dialogue in the society. All can take part in the debate and put forward their views but some consensus is to be reached so that all can abide by the decision taken. Nobody should try to bully their ideas on others. This man seemed to be angry with the inflation and the problem of the common people which again is quite genuine but the means employed to convey or raise the point were not appropriate. The elders have also to understand the feelings of the youth and the children and act in a manner that nobody gets an opportunity to learn the wrong way of having their say. The people who are in position should not try to save the chair only and look for their party or alliance interest, but the main concern should be for the problems of the people of the country and that is what seems to be missing somewhere. The aspirations and the views of the people of the country should be heard even without protest. The TV channels should also resist from showing such acts again and again because that flares up the anger of the people on both sides. All those who are at responsible position should ensure that their statements are balanced and should not aim to get any political mileage from such incidents. They should understand that people have started to resort to negative means for expressing their anger and immediate steps should be taken to understand the reason behind the same and corrective measures should be taken so that such incidents of indignities are stopped.
 The children in the schools do question their teachers regarding such incidents. These innocent minds are influenced by such acts and that definitely cannot be a positive impact. They learn all negatives and might get influenced so much that even the teachings of the family and the school may not have much of the effect on them. As I always say the best lesson learnt is not necessarily in the classrooms but outside the classrooms. This is true in case of the lessons of the life and the values imbibed by the individuals. So, all must resolve including the political leaders that no derogatory remarks will ever be passed by them for anybody and even when we do not agree with somebody that will be conveyed in a positive and dignified way. This will be the best way of letting our children carry forward the message of  non violence given by our father of the nation. Let us work together for the peace of mind and the actions of self and our fellow beings.

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