Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Importance of schooling

The result of one the most sought after competitive examination for admission to the premiere engineering institute has been declared and as always the newspapers are full of the advertisement related to the claims made by different institutes for maximum selection of the students from their center. It has also been noticed that the same child has been claimed by more than one institute for different reasons.The children who have made their way to the merit list should be congratulated and others who could not do that well should not be discouraged because there have been incidents reported in the past also that many of those who did not qualify, went into depression which should not be allowed to happen.
 The result of class X of different boards shall be declared soon  and many students (some have already joined so called specialised institutes) will leave the schools which have helped them to become better human beings and they will join in the race of one point programme at the cost of over all personality development. The psychologists and the educationists have been advocating that good schooling of a child is as important as the good parenting. It has become all the more important in today`s age when the parents do not have that much quality time to give to their children and hence the schooling has got to be better than even what it was  before. The reason why I say so is that the emotional intelligence of the child is developed more during the schooling of the child and during  the higher education (the college and university education) develops intellect more than the emotions and the personality. So if the child is to be groomed as a good human being then good quality schooling is very important and the same should be realised by everyone including schools, parents and more importantly by the institutes claiming to be making the future of the child because only intellectual growth does not make an individual successful in life but the overall personality growth is more helpful in that.The people might differ with my opinion because for them being successful can mean more marks and more money whereas this again should not be the sole criterion for the measure of success.
The physical health and the mental health both are important but it has  been realised recently that emotional health is also equally important. The so called institutes in collaboration with some  of the schools deprive children of the emotional and physical health which we may not realise today but in future this is going to be a big hurdle in the life of such children. So this is expected that the government,which has taken some bold steps in the direction of  educational reforms, will pay proper attention in this area also. The schooling should be given more importance and some monitoring system should be evolved so that the schooling of the children is not hampered in the name of making them the so called successful citizens. The marks of class XII should be given more importance while admitting the children to any higher education institutes including IITs. The step taken by the HRD ministry to make Science and Mathematics syllabus uniform across the country will help in implementing this system more effectively and will be more reliable because in this case no state will say that their children are at any disadvantage. The evaluation of class XII in board exams should also be looked into and as far as possible it should also be made uniform across the country. This can really help the children and the parents a lot and save their money and the time both. How easy and feasible this can be is to be evaluated and analysed carefully and with open mind and if found good should be implemented at the earliest, so that no more generation of the children suffer and are deprived of their childhood and  proper schooling.

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